The World is Such a Cruel Place

The world is such a cruel place to live in. I can finally attest to it after I have managed to detach myself from the wicked web of the majority of normal people. People whose stand goes beauty is not never skin deep. People who believe that only the beautiful ones deserve to be treated fairly. This coming from beautiful people? Acceptable, but still mean. This coming from the very people who don’t even have a tinge of beauty, skin deep or skin shallow? Go borrow Snow White’s witch’s mirror please. (Pardon for this, I am only human, allowed to say the truth, inevitable to be harsh when infuriated.)

V a n i t y is a cultural and social thing that we can not deny or stop. I myself have been a part of the only-the-pretty-ones-deserve-pretty-things mob since the beginning of time. Maybe because I, well excuse my egotistical side, uhm, according to people, belong to the lucky beautiful species. Well, I am going to agree, but I am on the bottom pile of the “royal” hierarchy.

I get free coffee. I get help whenever I need it or whenever I don't even need it (as my friends would always point this one out). I get to borrow the equipment that I need in the office easily. I get to butt in for a while on our production testers even if somebody needs to use it. I get to make the technicians in our line undock the handler from the tester. I get transferred to the Test Development Group. So they say because I am charming. Some would even suggest that the acknowledgments that my brain fats have allowed me to achieve can be attributed to my angelic face. (This remark camouflages as a compliment when it is really an insult and disgrace.)

Or so they say. I can easily pass for a shallow, peachy woman. 

Now, let's take the side of the unfortunate non-beautiful species. Fat people included. Those girls with faint mustaches and hairy legs. Those geeky ones with huge eyeglasses on. The dark skinned. Why do they get bullied? Why do the beautiful and average people enjoy crushing their egos? Because they’re ugly? People can really be bullies and judgmental, assholes and bitches. I am never amused by it.

As Sey has posted, 

JUST A THOUGHT: When we criticize other people in reference to their physical appearance, we are criticizing one of God's masterpieces.

I am grateful that I have realized that I am no longer part of that mob. I am grateful that I have the heart not to judge people from the outside. I am grateful that He has allowed me to have such a heart. I am grateful that I am able to accept people the way they are wholeheartedly and defend them, if necessary. I am grateful that I am perceiving instead of judgmental. I am grateful that I can still have a compassionate heart, well most of the time, when everybody else is throwing out insults here and there. I am grateful to be able to realize all this.

As I have read in Paolo Coehlo's book, ‘You can only give away what you have’. I feel sorry for people who have been challenging me lately. Because all they tell me are vicious, really mean things about people I really care about. And they would eventually say they are just joking. I am sorry that all they have inside their hearts are negatives. After reading that quote, I strive not to hit those people back with nasty mirror statements because I desire goodness to fill my heart starting from now on.

I am happy that I am able to hold on to that sincere calmness inside me when others create chaos out of me, my stand and my beliefs. I pray for their hearts to be overflown with humility and happiness that only delicate and sweet words brim over their mouths. The world could always use a little more c o m p a s s i o n.

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