Dinner at French Baker

I blame two years of non-cooking essentials interaction for my constant need to eat out. However, dinner at the French Baker reminds me that eating out can be a good thing. It's one of the pricey (for me) places that actually have a good return for your money. It has a homey appeal, too. I wish they have a separate branch that isn't located in a mall. 

Anyway, I was feeling a little heavy and guilty of all the cholesterol intake that I decided to go only for soup and my all time favorite bread -- Croissant.


Soup Starter | Php 63.00

I opted to go for the Soup Starter, their soup of the day. After all, I love thick, creamy soup and croutons! I am a sucker for bread. Their soup started comes along with a wide bread stick with black and white sesame seeds, they call it lavash bread cracker. I know a classy resto when I eat those oven-fresh crisp bread.

Butter Croissant | Php 43.00
The croissant is my all-time favorite bread. I was mentally having a debate with myself whether to have the Ham and Cheese Croissant or the Tuna Turnover, which according to my roommate is the best turnover she had in her life. Convinced with the thought that I am indeed gaining weight on top of the thought that I need to torture myself by eating less, I picked the Butter Croissant. It didn't disappoint -- flaky outside, creamy inside, tasty.

Grilled Chicken & Mango Salsa | Php206.00
My companion ordered a sort of heavy meal, Grilled Chicken and Mango Salsa. I like the flower-shaped crust that holds the tangy mango salsa. The salsa, I think, contained balsamic vinegar. It also had lettuce, mango (of course), tomatoes. That's all I can remember and identify. The pyramid shaped rice added a little interesting detail. Grilled chicken was superb. Dipped in its sauce, it was succulent and rich in herbal tastes.

Mango Salsa
Overall, the Mango Salsa is a nice segway to eliminate the bold taste of the chicken, but I can't have plenty of it. The crust, which is my favorite part of everything that uses it, is perfectly cooked.

Grilled Chicken
It does taste good. I had a share. My companion was so concerned that I'll go hungry by midnight. Okay, a bite or two or three wouldn't hurt. It was pleasing, actually.


Four Seasons, 0.5 Caraffe | Php72.00

We ordered Four Seasons in a half caraffe. Taste was rich and was perfect for the somehow bland taste of what I was eating, the butter croissant. I like how a slice of orange and a leaf of parsley(?) can add sophistication to the drink. They serve their water in a caraffe with a slice of lemon and a slice of orange too. 


5 out of 5 sporks, as usual

There was a little delay on my credit card payment process, but it was fixed by their officer quickly. No fuss. 

The French Baker
ug/f SM City Dasmarinas, Governor's Drive, 
Pala-Pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite;
tel: 046-423-3051

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