NTKYW Meme 01

I am not really a fan of meme's, but this one caught my attention because of the interesting questions. Plus, it's fun to meet a lot of new people in the net, right?

Here we go. The Dame joins Nice-to-Know-You Wednesdays! Taran!

This Wednesday's questions that I ought to answer because I am a twenty something single lady living the apartment life and I've got lots of free time are:

[1] Grab the book nearest you + find page 28, what does line 3 say?
[2] What is the last film you saw?
[3] If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
[4] Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

[5] Where were you on Valentine's Day?

Amusing questions, agree? Now, I unveil my equally, I believe, amusing answers.

[1] From Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl,
sense of order for her brood, and, when needed, an undetectable means for
A line senseless as it is complicated. Difficult to decipher, yet, it gives you the urge to know what it is all about. Just like women, who are strong enough to face life as an individual, and as not immobile and desperate upon the absence of an intimate company of the opposite sex.

*Did you like my new layout for my book blog, Bookgasm? :))

[2] A portion of my salary went to support the Filipino movie industry as we watched Unofficially Yours last Saturday in Ayala. Our race is evolving and my mind is open to this kind of relationship, not that I encourage people to engage in one. I find the movie amusing and liberated, and John Lloyd Cruz's acting comes oh-so-naturally. Love the kilig moments. And the thrilling ipis scenario.

[3] I am torn between Oscar Wilde, Paolo Coehlo, Chuck Palahniuk, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. (I sound boastful, haha, but I haven't read the majority of their novels. Only quotes, but I am already in love.) I am a frustrated writer and dreamer and I am deeply moved whenever I read the quotes that the hearts of these talented people have written. But, I opt to go with Zelda even though she kinda went mental. Lipstick and melancholic dreams can always be our side topics.

[4] On sunshine, gummy bears and cherry pops days, I see the glass half-full. *Beaming smile* But, on grey, blank, wrathful, sh**** days, I can comprehend a half-empty glass as a totally empty one. But, I have more happy days than sad days, so that makes me a happier than sadder kind of person.

[5] I was with my mom. In a mall. We just ate pizza and pasta for dinner. :) She came to visit me here in my worktown. Made sure that I didn't date. ;}

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