moment 03/52: Conquering Fears

moment 03 // Go do something you're afraid of.
I can't bike. True, I can't until I was already in college. My friend told me that I didn't have a happy childhood because I don't know how to ride a bike when every kid should. Maybe I was too scared to be scarred. Then. 

But, months after I turned twenty four, I realized I am getting old and there's nothing fun going on in my life. I was.... boring. So, from that day forward, with the help of this blog, I decided I want to become awesome. But in case, I failed to do so, blame it to PMS, I'm-broke days and loneliness attacks. 

Anyho, I did something spontaneous tonight -- I rode a motorcycle. Well, at the back with my friend driving, and with a helmet. Yay. Well, I had something to do at work and I decided to extend a little bit. It just so happens that one of my office mates is going out, too. So, not wanting to walk the stretchy streets with my heavy backpack, I instantly cried, "Pasabay!". (Let me come with.)

Then, I realized he owns a motorcycle. Uh-oh. But, then I remembered this 52 moments goal and I beamed! 

I was already kinda chanting, I am afraid to ride a motorcycle while I was still inside the building. When we got out, I had that shot. 

And here's the motorcycle that we rode on -- Charan! (Upside down, too lazy to turn it all around.) There was a lagging moment before I hopped on it. Then, the journey began. It's my first time ever to ride on one. Probinsyana much? Ahaha.

My fear started to get to me during the first few broom brooms. But, I decided to enjoy the ride and give my fear a nice and an unchallenged play. Fear lost to me. Yay!

I enjoyed the feeling. The cold February breeze against my cheeks. The freeing feeling. The glittering stars hovering up in the night sky. The motorcycle speed that thrills. The night lights on the houses from afar. And the feeling of doing something for the first time. First times can be summarized in the signature sentence that Drew's character in 50 First Dates said, "Nothing beats the first kiss." Only that, it wasn't a kiss. It was a motorcycle ride. Nothing beats the first time. 

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