I'm Like a Dog Whose Tongue Goes Whack

Today is the first day of the love month and I am starting my month with a blog post full of love -- a happy blog post.

via | I want to have a soul like that of a dog.

I remembered scribbling my dream on a piece of paper. Our aspirations were to be printed beside our graduation photos in our yearbook. I just can't remember whether it was in elementary or high school. Did you know what I wrote? Of course, you wouldn't.

*Snicker*Smite me.

Well, I simply wrote "to be happy" and an adult (I forgot who) questioned that. Said my aspiration was not that impressive to gain the right to be printed on my yearbook.

I guess she was wrong and she didn't understand life at all. I guess being happy is our ultimate goal here on earth, after pleasing God and feeding that hunger of going to heaven when we die.

It might sound superficial. Corny. Shallow. But, being happy is a life driver. It makes everyday special. It makes us want to give more than we could. It makes us want to share the good feeling we have inside. It makes us more compassionate. It makes us want to do good things. It makes us feel better. It makes us better. It makes us live meaningfully.

I guess all those hazy and woozy moments of last year's (and last month's) smokes are all going to be sucked up. I might have done something right because things are starting to fall into the right places. Inspiration keeps sprouting everyday.

All I remembered was praying as I woke up each day. :)

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4 

I thank Him that I realized that I should be of help instead of being the pain in the *you know where* for someone. And I pray that He grant me the patience, grace, strength and understanding while being that light to someone. I just think that no matter how evil my thoughts and actions are/could be/have been, I can always bounce back to my good self and whenever I am that girl, I always have that extra love to pour on your goblet because mine surpasses my goblet's brim. 

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