Valentine Soundtrack: We're In Love

Since February opened its heavenly gates, I was inspired to do a series of Valentine soundtracks, each of which shall be a specially made concoction for the different relationship status holders.

So, let's get going. *boing boing

We're absolutely in love with each other.


Second by second, 
I weave into a web of you.
I try to detangle --
to detach. 
Infallible, not.

And it's b l i s s
when you're trapped
as I'm caged inside you.

Texting each other nonstop. Every weekend together. Can't stop thinking about him/her. Yes, the first few months are like this. And for the selected few couples out there, still stays the same. 

Because love is supposed to be an addiction. XD

Stay tuned for the other love themes!

Post Script. Have a song in mind? Leave it on my comment section. I might include it in this list. ;)

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