I Vow to Make You Love Life

I've been hanging out in a different place. I'm trying to find my happy place. I need to get rid of the January chillies and bring back the December flair.

I'm simple. Making me smile isn't a complicated process.

Anyhow, time for some random thoughts. Slacker mode, I know.

  • Mom made a quick visit. Arrived Sunday. Went home today. =) She's my Valentine's date.
  • Went to Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna with the entire family. *love*n*joy
  • Dinner dates with mom
And, I've been hanging out somewhere else. Sorry?
  • I'm gonna tumble again in Aizanity. Now, more personal posts. :)

Thought I needed to take my mind off things and tumblr is one of the best ways in achieving the happy goal. (I realized I'm in love with layouts with plain, white background.)
  • Watched The Vow. Loved Channing, so-so with the story, but I love the vows! I always wanted to marry somebody who has a way with words for the sole reason that I want his vows to be witty and romantic. 
  • Happy that I had munched on Sour Cream-flavored popcorn again
  • Found a couple of new blogs that I feel attraction to and it feels nice. =D
  • Finally experienced "Taksyapo", but I guess I wasted the activity's purpose since I was smiling while doing it. I was supposed to be mad.
  • J gave me a pocketbook to read. It's in Tagalog. And, it's entitled Villa Cattleya. I don't know if I would read it. =/
  • Enrolled in an online course that would help me in my career. Yes, I'm already kinda serious in my career. =) It hasn't started yet. Hope I can finish it. Geesh, I still have other online courses that I haven't touched. Sigh.
  • Got lots of new epi's! So, Im gonna catch up with them in a while. =D Um, in a while like right now. 

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