Isdaan, Laguna | A Family Love Affair

A few days before Valentine's Day, my mom came to visit me here in my work town. Weeks before, my aunts and I were planning to check out this local resto near their area, so when my mom's unexpected visit materialized, we thought that it was a sign to go.

The place is vast with many floating, mini-restaurants inside. They have the Singing Cooks & Waiters, atbp., Boodle Fight area and Barrio Fiesta. I wonder whether these restos just rent a space on this place called Isdaan. Sorry, didn't do my research.


Anyhow, the place is Bali-inspired with mermaids, buddhas and fish statues inside. A Filipino touch was also integrated into the place as there was carabaos inside, too. And penguins. And monkeys. So, it's just a little bit of several cultures. 

And there's Goofy, the Angry Birds, and even Mr. President Obama and the First Lady. And, of course, some dinosaur eggs. Cracking dinosaur eggs.


Bagong Saing Sa Kaldero | Php 172.70
Mom and I arrived at the place at 1 PM already. The rest of the family have been there for like 30 minutes or so to get us a number. There are maannny people waiting in line. We ate at about 2.30 PM already, but we weren't that pissed because the place is simply interesting and amusing. We can't miss our staple, rice. These Bagong Saing Sa Kaldero Rice were the first to arrive. The sweet white rice was perfectly cooked.

Sinigang na Bangus | Php 347.60

A family meal wouldn't be complete without any soup. We ordered everybody's favorite, Sinigang na Bangus. There were more slices of milkfish than I expected. I can tell that those cuts were fresh as the fish meat tasted sweet. The sourness of the dish was distinct and I love how strong it came out to be. Unlike my mom who doesn't usually like too much asim in the sinigang.

Canton Con Lechon |  Php 205.70
I never usually like canton, but Isdaan's Canton Con Lechon tickled my tastebuds. There was this significant taste in their canton, but I can't figure out what it is. Lechon pieces topped the dish, along with fresh, crunchy vegies. We ordered two of these, but we should've gotten only one. 

Inihaw na Tilapia | Php 299.00

I couldn't imagine eating at a native restaurant without ordering Inihaw na Tilapia. It's my close second to Inihaw na Pantat. However, the fish was kind of bland. I need to dip it in toyomansi to bring out its flavor. Once again, I was impressed with the serving size. The order contained about 5 decent-sized tilapias.

Sizzling Sisig | Php 336.60

The sight of newly cracked egg on top of the Sizzling Sisig is definitely appetizing. However, I was just disappointed that the sisig was not that hot when they have served it. Maybe because they have to cater to about a hundred tables at one time. Nevertheless, it tasted yummy.

One-piece Chicken Fry with Spaghetti | Php 220.00

As for my six-year old cousin, she enjoyed Isdaan the kiddie way. The place also serves kiddie meals so that the kids will not have to deal eating adult food. Y had One-piece Chicken Fry with Spaghetti. I bet it tasted great as she consumed the entire order. And, they have loot bags and Angry Bird balloon for kids. A kid-friendly place indeed. And oh, they provide life vests for kids, too.


Mangga Shake | Php 86.90

Upon seeing the Mangga Shake two of my younger cousins ordered, I was like I want to order that one too. Because I simply loved the presentation. However, the waiter seemed to forgot my order and I drank this one instead.

Iced Tea | Php 165

One pitcher of Iced Tea for the adults. The mix was just right -- not too bland nor too sweet.


After eating, I urged them to go to the Taksiyapo area. According to Sey, a blogger friend, Taksiyapo means Walang Hiya. I have come to know the Taksiyapo concept when I first saw it on tv years ago. When I finally have gotten the chance to do it, I couldn't resist. I got a brown heart-shaped plate and threw it like a frisbee. Haha. Scattered into pieces, but didn't hit any of the above. Lol. 

Other things that you can do in Isdaan
  • Ride the banka.
  • Picture here and there.
  • Kiddie toys for the kiddos
  • Free face painting
  • Circus-like treats like man riding a big wheel 
  • Fishing 
  • Pull Buddha string for luck
  • Meet Batman, Spiderman, etc.
Or read more about the things that I did in Isdaan here.


So, here's all of us. We get to have these get togethers quite seldom, thus the smile in our faces. The over-all experience was superb. Isdaan is perfect for family day. :) Or barkada day. Or couple's dine out.

Isdaan Resto - Fun Park
National Highway
Calauan, Laguna

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