Xin Wang Hong Kong Café Grand Opening

I finally had my first ever blogger event -- a food tasting. Last December 13, I was there to grace the opening of Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, a restaurant serving Asian cuisine. From their 200-item menu, you can savor street favorites that are typically served in Shanghai, Macau, Singapore and of course, Hong Kong.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is located in MOA, in between the IMAX Theater and Cabalen. When I arrived, the festivity has already started. I finally found Ma'am Lou Bognat outside the resto. She was the one who invited me to the said event.

The interior of the cafe has an air of modern fusion and minimalist, in a way. The walls are color boosted with Hong Kong city scapes and trendy Asians.


I was relieved to have a seat on the table with the other friendly Pinoy food bloggers. The coyness of being alone was washed away when my eyes have laid upon on the table full of Singaporean dishes. 

These cute little balls are what I had first. I can't resist their soft, smooth texture and slightly sweet flavor. This is Rice Mochi Nhat Ban with Sesame Seeds (not official name, I haven't taken a picture of their menu). 

What is a Dim Sum Cafe without the famous siomai? Xin Wang's very own Siew Mai didn't disappoint. Still steamy upon serving, the oriental flavor was perfectly complimented by the chili paste. 

Here's a platter that seems like a fusion of American and Asian culture. While eating this Pork Chop With French Fries, we were reminded of our childhood feast stories. Pork and beans was still a favorite even we're already grown up.

A bite of from one of these quadruple Prawn Paste Fried Chicken was intriguing as my taste buds were fired with a quaint taste. I mean that in a good way. Our talk with the resto's owner, Mrs. Kong, has finally answered my awed sense of taste. She said that she wanted us to eat the special version, the butter coating of which contains Singaporean bagoong. I was surprised to know that bagoong was the culprit, which gave a discreet twist of this Pinoy favorite dish. 

Appetizing is a word that I can give for Black Pepper Pork Chop Spaghetti. This combo will definitely stuff you in an instant. The peppery sauce was playing with the spaghetti's sweet taste.

Vegetarians can also enjoy this restaurant through this dish, Braised Cabbage with Mushrooms. The flavor is nothing too empowering or too bland. 

This next dish has a similar taste to the latter. However, this one has beef in it. 

The distinctive flavor in this noodle dish has reminded me of Thai cuisine -- that peppery taste which makes me want to eat more. Good thing the beef on the sides were very tender. I didn't have a hard time forking a piece.

This Pork Chop Soup Noodle has triggered my attention. I love its yellow, milky appearance, the partially visible corn cobs and the dash of orange in it. I thought the orange ingredient was tomato. Turned out it was papaya. Yes, this authentic Hong Kong papaya soup recipe. Weird. I haven't detected the familiar fruity flavor. The noodles in this dish tasted like the usual noodles.

And here is the famous Yang Zhou Chao Fan (Fried) Rice of the Hong Kong Cafe. I can even eat this rice alone and do away with the viand part of the meal.


I'm not a fan of milk teas, but Xin Wang's Iced HK YingYong had me at first sip! I like those short, stout aluminum cups that are dewy on the outside. I'd drink another cup of this! Definitely loved it.

There are still lots to try in Xin Wang's like the popular snow ice and french toast. Can't wait to try them next time!

photo credit: Aylin of BubblyFluffy
This is me with the Kong Family, the proud owners of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. They're very nice and Mrs. Kong has talked some interesting facts about their dishes. 

Congratulations to the successful opening!


photo credit: Living Marjorney
Meet my food tripmates: Aylin of BubblyFluffy, Marj of Living Marjorney, Me (Gastronomicca) and Janese of LakwatseraMom

*I haven't noted the official names of the dishes. Will update as soon.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Between IMAX and Cabalen 
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

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