My First Ever Blate

I never expected to gain friends through blogging. When I started out, I just did it for myself, for the sake of writing. I battled my self-publishing idea because I fear being read, being known. I didn't know that through this, I'd be able to establish unique and strong connections with great people. I didn't know that through this, I'd  be able to become better and to have courage to be the me that I am.

But, I did. And I met two of the loveliest girls in the blogosphere.

Yesterday, our friendship has surpassed the blogosphere barriers.

Taran! I've finally met Sey of 14th Street and Mayen of Clicks and Cuts. We have been planning a blogger meet up a few weeks ago together together with Leah of Super Leah, but Lea wasn't able to make it.

Anyway, when the date and 'the plan' was all fixed, I was always nervous, excited, happy, worried, blah blah blah. Hey, it was my first ever eyeball. Add the innocence that I have in Manila Transportation 101. I have to ask a couple of officemates on how to get to SM MegaMall everyday. They've provided me with several options and I picked out the one where I don't have to use the MRT. Haha. 

The morning of our meet up day, the clouds were all grey. I knew that it's going to be a rainy day, but it didn't erased the smile on my face. I was finally going to meet my two friends who know my innermost thoughts. It was an eclectic feeling. 

Sis Mayen was texting me of their whereabouts and I was kind of worried that I can't make it there. I kept on reminding manong to drop me off at MegaMall. Talk about being paranoid. Thankfully, I didn't get lost. Yay! I was the last one to arrive and I was a hard time looking for them in Jollibee. (I've memorized their faces before the meet up.) When I finally saw them wave, a big smile was plastered on my face, but I kind of controlled it. I don't want to appear goofy. Lol. 

The first thing that I've noticed about mayen were her nail art! Cute. And I like Sey's long, wavy hair. They look prettier in the flesh. :) 

When the three of us finally get to sit down, we've talked. Though there was this first-time meeting awkwardness, it faded after a couple of minutes. And then, Mayen said that she got something for me and Sey. Sey also said they she has something for me and Mayen. They took out their cute gifts and I was embarrassed. I have brought nothing! :( Boo ya. I should've thought of bringing them something din. Tsk. 

The cute little bag is from the creative Mayen and the helpful book is from Sey. :))) I love them!! Sey's gift, a book entitled 'I Don't Want to Feel This Way' is an added piece to my book collection that is now overflowing on my bedside tray. I have a feeling that these two copies were really reserved for me and Mayen because those were the last two copies in the bookstore as Sey have told us. I should read that tonight (it's past midnight) later before I go to sleep, I was kinda feeling low today. I don't want to ruin my progress by looking back and holding on again. :( Anyho, here's what inside Mayen's bag -- pretty bracelets made personally by her. She is going to have a business doing these soon and I know she'll shine. She'll make it big. :) 

It was already noon, we have to go find our lunch spot already and the waitress was already asking for our order. We went to Shakey's for lunch. And guess what, we stayed there for hours, just talking to each other and enjoying that moment. We've already shared a lot of things online through readings each other's blogs, sending each other tweets and exchanging emails. So, we really don't run out of topics to talk about. We talked about our current lives and we talked about other bloggers, too. Hehe. We talked for three to four hours over this.

We three didn't finished the entire meal. They let me bring the leftovers for my friend that I am meeting up. My friend and I was supposed to go to the Sauceria Food Tasting, but we didn't make it. Blame the rain. And we don't know the exact location of the resto. To make up, allow me to plug this resto. Sayang, it was my first time to get an invite. :( Hope someone invites me again next time.

via Sauceria's Facebook Page
Sauceria is located in Santolan Ave. (at Sunrise Drive), Quezon City. Come visit them. 

Okay, back to my blog post, I'm extremely blessed to have those mouse clicks that have led me to the blogs of these wonderful girls.

Sey was my first ever regular commenter. Her comments inspired me to write more, knowing that somebody out there is actually reading my blog. Her comments kept me going. I was thinking, "Wow, I'm finally being read." Her thoughts are always rooted from virtues. She likes to speak her mind about social issues and sensible thoughts. She does blog with dignity. I adore her for her strength as a woman. :)

Mayen is my regular commenter, too. And everytime I read her posts, I always smile because I can relate to things that she can say. We really connected because our bfs (err, or, my whatev, hehe) were far away from us. Yes, we enjoyed talking about LDR. I am still a believer. :) And we like reading and nail art and ukay. I ask her for advices and I learn a lot from her. For instance, falling in love and staying in love should be a beautiful thing. :)

Okay, I have to stop. Or else, this post will be a novel. I look forward to hanging out with you again, girls! :) I really had fun. And I am proud that our online story now has a real life continuation. We can do some ukay next time, or go watch a movie or something. :) Or we should do that Grand Eyeball this summer!! Basta, we should meet again! :)

Thank you for the early Christmas presents, Mayen and Sey! And thanks for the blooming friendship! I should've give you two something din. #nahihiya :| Love you both! :) And I wish you happiness. Looking forward to our next meetup!
 Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us

And, wonder what a blate is? It's Bloggers' Date. ;} Wanna blate me? Ahaha. :) Ang arte! Okay, off to sleep. 

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