An Ultimately Giddy Giddy Post

So, tomorrow is my first Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. And it's kind of raining for the past couple of days, so *sigh*.

Anyway, I have been collecting my accessories for tomorrow. Haha, yes, I want to look cute in the field. Of course, my motif? Black, pink and grey. *Grins so wide* Yes, I used to like pink and black.


I bought new sneakers because my pink Pony shoes are starting to give up. Blame the rocky field! Frisbee should be played on a flat ground. My new shoes are shape ups and my feet feel all so marshmallowy when they're inside these shoes.

The one on the left is a bandana. I figured it the scorching sun would be cruel, but I guess I'm kind of wrong. Rain could possibly pour tomorrow, but go lang nang go. And, if it does, it would be my first ever wet game! My first tourney would be most memorable if that's the case. 

The one on the right is a pair of knee socks with stars. Haha. So girly girly. I know, I know. So what? :P

And, since it's going to rain tomorrow, I was kind of hesitant to use my new shoes because:
a. I don't want to slip while everyone is watching. (My shoes are not meant for wet grass.)
b. I just don't want to ruin my new pair of shoes. (Haha!)
c. I don't want to be ridiculed because I am wearing sneakers while playing Ultimate. (There was this picture of two players catching a disc. Then one of them was 'flying' in midair. Then I kinda noticed that the one flying was wearing sneakers. The other was wearing Frisbee cleats. Okay, yay, she's wearing sneakers so I could wear mine in the tourney tomorrow. But, in the comment section, I saw, "Is she wearing snickers?!" with 2 likes. So, I was like, *Ooops, sneakers are not appropriate. So, Reason No. 3 has something to do with peer pressure and pride.) Unfortunately, I can't find the picture anymore. :(

But, I guess my main reason for borrowing football studs for tomorrow's tournament is safety purposes. Seriously, it is. And I don't want to ruin my new pair of shoes (Mentioned, yet again?) Lol. 

Anyway, I have to double my socks and stash in some tissues so that I can use the cleats properly. Aha. :P But the two shoes are kind of the same size, huh? I know, I have biggg feet. Yadda yadda yadda.

There. And... a portion of my right rib is still hurting. :( I don't know why. Pft. But that wouldn't stop me from playing tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow when I wake up early (I have to wake up early! Oh my! And it's a Saturday.), the pain is gone. Please, Lord? So that I can totally enjoy the day and the game tomorrow? Pretty please? 

I still have to pack. So, buh bye. I have to kick some cute butts tomorrow. Oh la la!

(Ang yabang! As if I'm sooo good at playing frisbee. Lol!) Anyway, I hope I wouldn't do anything embarrassing. I do hope we wouldn't get eliminated soon. I do hope believe we can at least score. I believe we can win! :) But most importantly, I hope there would be no injuries tomorrow. No buwis buhay moves, promise!

So, wish me luck? Pretty please?

You just did? Aw, thank you! *flying kisses*

Post Script. Pardon the grammar flaws, I need to sleep. Zzzz.

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