Some Things Weird

I have a penchant for weirdness; does that make me weird?
My taste for books and my preferred ending of a love story betrays this certain personality that I have.

Well, let's start with the book that I bought while I was with one of my closest high school friends: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories. First of all, the book cover is like a vintage sophisticate, don't you think? However, my friend S, upon reading the book blurb, blurted out that the story is kind of weird. The stories are indeed weird and perky eclecticism is one of my writing ambitions, aside from steaming sensual poems. Lol. Why would S say it's weird? The stories are about lady magicians, the Raven King and Jonathan Strange. Still haven't written a review for it. My book reviews will be released next year according to my schedule. I am such a slacker.

Next, my preferred ending of a love story. Nope, it's not wedding bells, well, the wedding bells could occur in the middle of the story. It's not kissing each other underneath the silky blanket that the hovering full moon has shine down upon the lovers either. Want to know what? It's kind of tragic. You still want to know? Okay. I always thought that dying with your soul mate is a perfect way to end your earthy love. That way, neither has to suffer the loss of one. When I jot this down on a Values Education homework, they just thought I was weird.

I say my weirdness continues and it is being lived by my recently purchased book: Observatory Mansions. Have I told you before that I love reading contemporary fiction that has a certain flair of queerness? Well, yeah. Those are the books that I purchase from booksales. Like this one.

Read more about Observatory Mansions here. And while at you're it, you might also want to know why I bought it.

Anyway, to brush off the peculiarity in me, let me tell you some normal, good news: I finally found the lipstick shade that I have been hunting for months!!

It's Colour Collections' Tea Rose. :) I'll show a pic of me wearing it soon! :) Okay, gotta scram and sleep. Nighttt! :)

Post Script. Please donate to Sendong victims. Know how here. You can also extend help via Paypal. Give love. Help our fellow Filipinos. Christmas pa naman. :( So tragic.

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