I'm Back

Booyah! I'm back! :)

It's been a crazy while and ever since my feet landed on Philippine soil, I have been skipping the nightly internet sessions. Instead, I a.) bond with the boyfriend, b.) watch some Grimm, c.)eat dinner elsewhere, d.) go window shopping or e.) sleep early. Hah!

To be fair with myself, I have been productive ever since I got back. In work. Nearly finished all my to-do things. And with my finances. Yahoo! Here are the deets:

★ First of all, we made up for the lost times! We visited the meal joints that I have missed! I have engorged the following ever since: the Spicy Chicken and peach mango pie from Jollibee, the fried tokwa in a mini-resto in front of my apartment, Manang's Chicken, Goto in a sosyal karinderya a trike away from where I live. Haha! I haven't eaten everything that I have missed yet -- talk about baked talaba, grilled squid, grilled fish! Oh my. That is reserved next week. When I go home to my hometown for several days! Yahoo. ;)

★ As planned,  we have bought Go Pro Hero 3+ Black edition and a Nikon d5200! We have already test run it when we went to Laguna to go visit my cousins last weekend. One sample screenshot above. Cool, eh? My only problem is I look bad in pictures, especially when my hair is wet when all you can see is my wide forehead. Haha. But these babies aren't for selfies anyway. They're for my blog and for our adventures. Memories ought to be kept alive in front of our eyes, right? The didn't went well because before I can even start dipping into the water, mom called to inform me of a bad news:

★ My dog died. And it was hell painful and I don't want to talk about it. But I have poured out my emotions here: To the Man Who Ran Over My Dog With His Car. I'll be adorning her spot with flowers and candles when I get back. =,(((

★ I have started a UITF and one Mutual Fund and I am planning to buy shares of DD, which I should have done so weeks ago. Such a bummer. So yes, my investments are increasing once again and I am thrilled to see my money grow. As they say, putting in money into your investment is like buying a day that you don't have to work in the future.

★ I bought a red medium-sized fridge. And it's the cutest fridge ever. We're going healthy. We're cooking to save up on money and to have a healthier lifestyle. And we have been reading induction cooker pros and cons and we're leaning to buying one. So yey for healthy living! :)

That's all. Have to go eat dinner.

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