Blowing Dandelions

I was walking on the car park, unsure of where to pass. I've been in here for three months, but still I can't figure where to pass to go to building number 5 from my area. I was walking and walking past the cars until I spotted an open gate which would lead me to the familiar road. Okay. Relief.

I am going there to bid goodbye to the bosses and the management people from my group. I just alerted them that day that I am going home the next day and they thought my flight is still next week. So, we haven't had that formal dinner, but that's okay, because the guys who are with me on The Loft (our area) treated me to lunch yesterday and I had a weird experience, but that's another story so...

Moving on, my Diesel jacket (lol, gray with pink letterings) cannot just filter out the cold, so I put the hoodie on. A car was heading towards my direction and it was Kuya N, a fellow Pinoy working in our office. He stopped, went down and said goodbye. And he said, "Oh, bawal iyak." (Crying is prohibited). And inside I was like, "Pft. I won't."

So I continued my journey to building B and after that to my offshore manager to building C. Got to talk a lot about stuff -- work, the socials that I had, the people I've met, my flight schedule. Yadda yadda yadda.

I went back to my building to get back to the tester to my buddy, S who was still having some problems with the new code. Effing code, theoretically, it would work. But, in the real world inside the tester, it didn't. I stayed until the last minute, figuring out the bug, but haven't created a solution. Gawd, my brain is floating. I am going home tomorrowwww! I just felt like I need to solve it before I go home. I stayed with S through the afternoon because I felt like I owed it to him because he and his wife has been sweet to me, giving me an Easter choclit egg last Easter Monday.

People were like talking to me that afternoon telling me their goodbyes and the hopeful chances of seeing me again. Their bids of a happy flight and thoughts wishing I had a great time here. And when time finally came for me to go home, I went straight to my cube, fix my things. The documents that I need to bring. The laptop charger. The post its filled with my strikethroughed to-do's. And that's when the heavy heart kicked in.

I am finally leaving. After three months. Three beautiful months. 

I have to say goodbye to quirky officemates telling me of funny stories. My cool mentor who is effing master on programming. My sweet Congonese buddy who is on a diet, but ate meat and drink beer during my lunch out because it's supposed to be a celebration. The kind-hearted Pinoys who are already working there -- the ones whom made us feel instantly comfortable and who would take us to trips here and there and the ones who would accompany us during tea time and lunch time. My officemates whom I have only met here and whom have I grown fond of in just a short time because they're the only ones I got everyday (lol, kidding.)

I always say I am a detached dame, but this time, I realized how unfair life has to throw in people into our lives just to take them away on a certain and proclaimed time. It's beautifully bitter how you get to connect with these people without knowing that they've grown to be a part of you until the time when you get to say goodbye to them.

But, that's how some people get to walk into your life. All you have to do is walk with them slowly, gracefully, happily, thoughtfully... until your fork road option presents itself and theirs lead them to a path a couple of degree different from yours. Because that's what makes the roads special -- the people whom have trodden the same paths as you.

I got that picture on top while I was on my way to the other building earlier. I would have uprooted and blown it away, but I still can't cut life out of a struggling flower.

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