My Year {2013} in Review

Reviewing the entire year has become the culminating event of this blog. Last year, I have written it before I flew back to my hometown. This year, I am writing it here in my hometown house. :) Didn't have time to blog in my worktown! So yeah, let me reminisce the great great blessing that my Lord has bestowed me with last year.

Him + the warmth from his family 

I got a lot of chances to go back to Ilocos this year. One reason was the thing that J and I dread the most though we knew it was coming. But, as I have pointed out, life treats us hard most of the time; earth and everything assoiciated with it, our earthly bodies included, are just temporary anyway. That one unfortunate instance led me to meet the uncle and aunt that he has been telling me about. I like them. And my heart flutters everytime they ask J if I have eaten, or where am I.

As for J, it's our second Christmas as a couple, first Christmas apart. I still fall for him everyday. Scratch that, on most days. Some days, I wanna stab him with a fake knife. And I think that's still pretty normal. I would die of boredom if my better half is perfect. J, on the other hand, makes my blood boil, but he doesn't bring out the worst in me. In fact, he makes me shine at my most glitterest.

Jumpstart of my freelance writing career 

Remember my birthday goal which is to have a steady income online? Well, I have achieved it since May of this year! Finally, my monthly income online can suffice a month's guilt buys. Yay. I use it to pay my credit card -- groceries, grad school tuition, and some online purchases, or err, investments. However, last month, I kind of lied low on the online jobs. I have much to do. But, hey at least I can finally be proud of my earnings online. He doesn't kid me anymore. He used to belittle my earnings online back then when it was only 2k a month. But now, hah!

And this year, I have been reading a lot of freelance writing blogs and they have been leading me to the right path. I now have a strategy. I am launching my 2014 Freelance Writer Challenge on my website, The Boomlet Diaries. Hope you could check it out.

Drizzle of financial blessings

Include my online income in this one! On top of this, I have been building up my finances. Finally, I am out of debt! Yahoo! Out of loans! Another yahoo! I am starting my emergency fund. And I have just paid my first month for my HMO and long-term care. I have also attended a Financial Congress which have inspired me to become my own financial planner. Speaking of which, I have this test which I need to take. Code expires at the end of the month, so I really have to haste. For my financial journeys, you could check out The Boomlet Diaries and Finance Pinoy. No need to explain FP here. It's the next item.

Creation of Finance Pinoy

Finance Pinoy, as the creators (me included) visualize it to be, is every Filipino's resource to personal finance.  It is starting as a website, but we have lots of plan for it. Can't spill right now though. I am in charge of the marketing side of our "company" and I believe advertising is part of my responsibilities. I have to read a lot of quotes on advertising to keep me going, eh? I do hope you visit Finance Pinoy and find it useful, hope-inducing and inspiring.

Grad school - Techno MBA

I went to grad school for my online goals, but I think my involvement with Finance Pinoy and my day job are benefiting from it also. I enjoy learning and studying again. I like my Management Professor because he is very well read and he earns a lot of passive income, he starts our class with a prayer, he manages a wedding and he is in charge of businesses for a big company, he gets to travel the world and he knows his social media. He really does inspire me and I think I am in the right track! :)

Day Job realizations

See, I have learned of this day job opportunity for me and I was trying to escape it, thinking that I am better off with this and that. But then I thought thought about it, researching this and that and I decided that I am going to face that challenge on my day job. After all, I like the high I get after releasing a product. ;) I am keeping my day job after I have realized that I would be a little incomplete without my technical self. Ahaha. For now. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I am just too hyped with my life right now.

Surfing & Frisbee sessions 

It's been a long while since learning how to surf was included in my Life List. Last September, I finally got it crossed out! In fact, I have surfed twice this year. In Baler. The first one it was only me and J. The second one, we organized it for our friends. It was a lot of fun!

As for the frisbee plays, we joined the Malakas at Maganda Tourney 2013 and I finally got to contribute to my team. Received some discs and threw some discs to victory! We even saw Derek and Christine on that tourney.

Reminders that scream true love exists 

My friends are already getting married. I hosted one wedding this year. I attended one just this month. It was a chic vintage one. It was like Pinterest-came-alive kind of wedding. Too much details. But loved it anyway. Both was all sweet and sincere. :)

We even played a game! Haha.

New apartment 

I moved in to a new apartment. I like the freedom. Not having to share it with anybody. I can even walk inside the house in my undies only. Haha! Kidding. And oh, nope. Didn't bought it. I am still renting. Not buying a house anytime soon. And oh, those are uber-cutesy rags I bought for my new house.

My ever-supportive family & friends 

As always. :)

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