On Anti-Ageing: Prevention or Correction?

This is a guest post.

My ritualistic girls’ dinner is your typical cesspool of gossip and what’s the latest. I thought these weekly catch-ups kept me up-to-date on everything I would need to know from fitness and health, to the economy and other current events, to fashion and beauty.

Apparently I was wrong because, as I found out last week, all of my girlfriends are taking part in a beauty regime I hadn’t even thought about: Anti-Ageing Prevention.

In my mind, anti-ageing skin care was for my mother – or even my grandmother! Sure, I’m no spring chicken as I’m pushing 30, but I was a little horrified when friends younger than me were discussing their plans (and immediate action!) for preservation. I began to panic this was another thing I should be worrying about!

After some research, it became clear that taking steps towards preserving what I have now would be much easier than trying to restore it once it’s started to fade – or, rather, shrivel and shade. I spoke to my favourite esthetician, and the advice and timeline she gave me were pretty straightforward.

The typical rules of thumb won’t change - no matter what decade you’re in – whether you’re trying to maintain your teenaged skin for as long as possible, or you’re already showing your laugh lines with pride.

·        ★ Drink a lot of water – more than you think is necessary
·        ★ Eat right – plenty of healthy fats and proteins, and always fruits and veggies
·        ★ Stay active - to release any toxins and to oxygenate your blood vessels
·        ★ Use a daytime moisturizer with SPF
·        ★ Wash your face each night before bed - even if you aren’t wearing make-up your face deals with a lot of bacteria and pollution throughout your average day

·        ★ Expose yourself to the sun – SPF, glamorous hat, anything to avoid direct exposure
·        ★ Smoke – like we needed one more reason not to do this: smoking is one of the biggest culprits in early signs of ageing
·        ★ Wear your daytime SPF moisturizer while you sleep – night time is when your cells rejuvenate the most, use a moisturizer particularly for evenings

Ladies under 25, you really don’t want to jump onboard with too many products just yet. This age group is the true prevention age, so just stick to the rules of thumb above.

25-35? You may want to start with a gentle eye gel, or a serum. I’m currently obsessed with this one from vbeauté. It’s gentle and sans oil so doesn’t feel as heavy as some serums can.

Between the ages of 35 and 50, women age at very different paces due to their diligence on the list above and other factors like genetics. There are some incredible products on the market depending on what your needs might be. This is the time to start targeting specific areas that you need to trouble shoot. Did you get your mother’s crows feet? Time for a rejuvenating eye cream.

No matter what your age, your face is your first impression. It’s so easy to become lackadaisical about your beauty routine, but I’ve learned it’s much easier to keep up with the day-to-day maintenance than to let it slide and fight to get it back.

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