Easy Wrapping Ideas for Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

You guys, it's Christmas time already! I have been feeling it only since yesterday because I am finally home. Even though the internet connection here sucks and my stomach ain't feeling so good (last night's tequila shots to blame?), I still feel happy.

Sssh, but I still have some late Christmas shopping to pursue. Maybe tomorrow. I sucked at wrapping gifts this year. Blame work, graduate studies and the expensive wrappers. But, today, I am going to share some ways on how to wrap your inspirational gifts for your loved ones this Christmas if you have limited time! Here are the cute ones I found in Pinterest that are easy to follow. I need these in the coming days.



You can never go wrong with a lace. You can dress your gifts with a dainty kind of vintage finish. A simple brown paper will be instantly glammed up with a floral lace and some silky bows.


There are gift wrappers which you could play with. This one for instance features a crossword with the word 'Christmas' in it. If you want, you could do a personalized wrapper with the name of the recipient in the wrapper. You have to carefully choose where it would be printed so that it shows on the upper side when you have finished wrapping.


I have seen this kind of wrapping in the Daykeeper Journals. And I kind of feel bad because my journal didn't arrive on time. Tsk. Poor delivery service. I am still hoping I can have it when I got back on January. Back to the wrapping. You could stamp out the name of the recipient along with some message like, 'Merry Holidays (name)' or 'Spread the love, (name)'.


I have no idea how the creator made this, but it's extremely wintery. You could search for Pinterest DIYs on how to do the knitted Christmas wraps. This reminds me of hot chocolate Christmas drinks with peppermint marshmallows on top.


I personally like blush hues and neutral tones so when I saw this wrap, I felt a thug in my heart. Yes, crafts are one of the few things that can actually make my heart feel so alive. This is a simple wrapping to do. Perfect if you're quite tight on your time budget. After wrapping the usual way, you can just tie out some silky ribbons and pluck in some Christmas details.

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