Heart-Patterned Rags

Hallo there, welcome to my blog.

No, you're not lost, I just had a different layout because the previous one had this energy saving mode and it was completely rendering my blog unreadable on tablets and mobile phones once this feature was  right .

Actually, I really have nothing to talk about I just want to talk to you guys because I am missing you. I have gone over to finestquote.com for some inspiration and I did.

Certainly the Art of Writing is the most miraculous of all things man has devised.
Thomas Carlyle 

So true. I write to keep myself sane. I even write to clear my head. When I got a lot of things buzzing in my head, I need to find a pen and a paper to sort of transfer the chaos inside my head into the innocent piece of paper. Yes. Poor paper. And poor wasted ink.

So right now, I am just going to write because I don't know how I am feeling -- kind of lazy, and a little worried and regretful for not doing the things that I am supposed to do. I am also kind of feeling sorry for... some people who can't get over their emotions. 

Anyway, to lighten up my mood I am going to do Le Bullette again.

 ★ Additional paperwork sucks. Well, any additional work sucks.
 ★ I bought these girly rags for my new house. I like it much.

 ★ I have this malfunction which could be corrected only 1-2 years from now. Father help me.
 ★ I am already in the vacation mood. But my vacation is kind of incomplete without J. I don't know why we have to celebrate Christmas apart. *Clinggggy! I can hear myself say.
 ★ So people I know in real life read my blog. And for the first few seconds of learning it, I feel lame for not sharing worthy blog posts. I mean, this is my life and I do not expect people to sympathize with whatever the heck I feel. But, it always feel good when they say that they can relate to what I write and that they have reflections of what I was blogging about.
 ★ As much as I love writing my thoughts away, I want to build up Finance Pinoy and The Boomlet Diaries and write engaging blog posts in Freelancing blogs. You know, the serious kind of writing where people could get useful stuff which could help them in some ways. I am getting there. Promise, self.
 ★ I am kind of worried for somebody and I know that I shouldn't because I just shouldn't entertain negative thoughts at this point. I pray everything will be okay.
 ★ Got LOTSSSSSSSSSSS of stuff to do and it's just sad. Term Paper. Worksheet activity. Reading Daft. =/ And the last 3 wedding articles I keep on procrastinating on. I slacked on online jobs this month. And that makes my life a whole lot sadder. And, oh. This blogs need some final tweaking. I mean, the color scheme and my blog header! Oh no. Have to fix it soon. I promise, loves.

Now, I'm gonna sleep after watching The Originals. 

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