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May 26, 2012

The Good Life

Wasn't able to blog. Was kind of busy. So, where have I been all this time? My weeks in pictures.
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Yiiii! Friendships! We've been through a lot together -- thesis, reviews, everyday college stuff. M and A -- the lovers (at the back). I think they'll marry soon, but I pray that I marry first. Haha. Because we had this deal. Whoever gives birth to the first child will get a scholarship (high school, i think) from the rest of the guys. On the condition that the baby was made out of love legally -- in the proper time, read: after church marriage. Lol.

The water was cool, but the pool was surprisingly steep. I keep on slipping. Pft. The pool was different from the pools that I have been swimming in. I kinda don't like it, but it shouldn't end the fun, eh?

After having a shot of tequila. Lemon slices! I looooove the smell of freshly-cut lemons. 

The sexay Engineering girls. ;) 

I don't usually sing in front of them. It'll take them years to convince me. But now, after college, I can't stop from grabbing the microphone. Lol. 

And we all have Samsung phones -- different models. Our friend N commented (on fb) that my wallpaper rocked the most. My mother second the motion. Bwahaha. Mothers. Tsk. And my friends complained that their mums don't have an fb account. No mother to cheer them on. Lol, I so love my mom. Still tops the list of my favorite cool people in the world. 

We so cute. I know.

Tequila's on me. Yeah, baby. I kind of sucked in slicing the lemons. Took me almost an hour. Haha. And I have to convince them to drink. So, BI na ako? I just missed tequila nights. And I love Tequila Sunrise. Too bad we don't have Grenadine [the delish red syrup that is also used to make Red Iced Tea].


Company Event. I hosted this last year. ;) Now, I am an entertainer. Lol. Intermission number. Danced. Maybe I should submit technical papers. Tsk.

Beautiful ladies. Working girls engineers.  

Practiced the blocking after lunch when the hall was empty. I am so going to miss practice.

Cocktails! My favorite part of the program. Free drinks. Finger food. Good times. Great company. And LOTS of dancing.

Yay. See my smile. Woah. So big. I didn't realize I have a big mouth until this picture. Lol.

I love this shot. Mood is so party-isque.

Pft. Note to self: Don't smile like this. Bwahaha. 

So, that's how my week went. Next week. Back to normal. Tsk.

YOLO. You only live once. 

And, expect more gif's from me starting now. Haha.

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