Because I Can't Have Instagram

Ookay, superbff told me I got to follow him on Instagram. Okay. Ikaw na naka Instagram. I don't have an iPhone, or an Android Phone. So, buh bye Instagram. I am uncool. Yeah, but I'd prefer this is me being incoherent to society's latest craze. Meaning, I can set my own trend and I don't bother if I am my own follower. Haha.

Set the mood, hit play. I have to include the whole vid. Love the lyrics and the font. ;}

Look what I got me!
Added a Twitpic Widget to my blog. Haven't uploaded pics in there for a while. It's there to remind me to take tumblr-ic photos. Just because the world is a beautiful place and vanity is something that everybody should dip in for some time. ;) Just don't overdo it. (Or simply because I can't do Instagram)

And because we are talking of pictures, lemme share with you a couple of shots that I have taken using my Adrienne, my pristine white phone. 

Shot Descriptions: (1) An Italian Restaurant in Tagaytay. Bummer I forgot the name. We had dinner with our counterparts from different spots in the world. We had LOTS of food. But too bad my stomach was still upset during that time, so I was kinda low on the munching. (2) Salmon. Appetizers. It was way too salty for my taste. But, we figured you have to squeeze lemon juice to balance the taste. So yeah. Nice. (3) Lamb Chops. My main course. We had plenty of appetizers. Didn't bother to take a pic of the others so as not to appear so eager and a little too interested. The lamb chops were yeah fatty and I ate only half of it. Blame the stomach. Argh. I imagined the important people form the Biblical Times eating half cooked lamb. Oooh. And there goes my mind on a cloud. (4) Watermelon Shake. Wahooo. Love it. But, because I was so full of everything else, I only sipped a little, a quarter of the entire tall glass. I was worried I would need a trip to the comfort room. (5) My coffee earlier this afternoon. Made a straight coffee stain. And I have to label it. Whew. I wasn't so bored, was I? (6) My reflection in the dressing room. Added lights. Woooh. Taken weeks ago. I just wanna include this pic in this post because it's soo girly. 

That's it. Nahayyyt, people.

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