Knowledge and Passion Lust

As of the moment, I am having an intense ardency with regards to my knowledge building and passion chase. I refuse to believe that the internet interactions that I have engaged with since two nights ago were just mere coincidences. Kismet has finally tangled me up my cobweb, and I pray that all these are in line with His will.

What ignited this burn up is a simple anonymous comment in one of my blog entries. (Btw, I am remorseful to have lost my comments in my previous blog entries due to Intense Debate upgrades, but have been contacting support.)

That wasn't the entire thing though, I have cut it along the line that would keep you on your toes as to what my action items are for my current life set-up. KKK, why did you go anonymous?! I sincerely thank you for hanging out in my blog and for the creative hunger that your comment has managed to exploit in my system. And, I am glad that you have found it quite entertaining. Fun is entertainment's sister, isn't it?

In line with this, I'd like to share some things that I wish could ignite in you the very same, or even more intense, emotion that I do feel right now. 


Guilt creeps up my skin. Downplaying my intelligence is my resort if I don't like talking to the person or if I don't like to say that I already know the thing that he is lecturing me about and embarrass him afterwards. When people first meet me, they always think I am shallow. What can I say, I am peachy. 

However, lately, I have this need of learning new things and sharing them with the world. If you have read my previous blog entries, you could trace up this growing desire. I talked about taking online classes and wanting to become a better person in the process. Tell you what, that zest has not died down. What used to be a mediocre light in a fireplace is now a humongous and uncontrollable forest fire. 


Maria Popova is my new life mentor. I would like to acknowledge a former classmate, Jox of Joxtapose, for sharing Maria's brain child (as she fondly calls it), Brain Pickings. I urge you to go visit it, you will realize aplenty of things and your bucket list might just overflow. Joxtapose is a lovely blog as well. It documents my friend's adventures, cookeries and life lessons. 

snapshot from brain pickings

Read this because you have to. Be inspired not just to list down your dreams, but to transform them into a reality. ;)


Bang, did it hit you? Because that's what it did to me. I first saw this on tumblr and I've even reblogged it. This has contributed to my building lust to break free from everything and chase after my dreams and entangled a string around them. This is the Holstee Manifesto and I am going to live it. Soon. 

There you go, lovelies. I felt the need to share these with my favorite people and the list includes you. ;) After bathing in the rain this noontime, I felt inspired all the more. Life is such a beautiful gift and I don't want to waste it any more by not doing the things that I love. I'd like to have happiness in each of my days and this is the way that I believe I can achieve it.

I take Mayen as one of my idols in taking bold moves towards a life change. She got past leaving her job and proceeded to do the things that she loves to do. But, change is a constant thing. Nonetheless, she made it. And I intend to walk after her.

It's 2:53 PM; I've got lots of things to act upon! 

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