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May 3, 2012

Luck and Cobwebs

Life is a cobweb. Nope, scrap your dusty version of cobwebs. Think of moist mornings. Serenity. Inner peace. And that cobweb underneath a lime green fern. Dew drops glistening on its intricate lines. Magical isn't it?


And I believe that each mil of the line was carefully laid out by its creator. No intersecting line was a mistake. The parallelism of some of them was also configured. The center, where the major structures of the cobweb vanishes through a point, I believe, was carefully computed, too.

If this is so, then was I destined to discover such love at a point eons farther than the origin? My love of language, my lust for life, my desire to be the ultimate damsel that I want to be. All this too late. I could have practice slot machines when I first grew my arm, then maybe I would have all the luck in the world. All money that could eliminate forehead creases. All time to do the things that I wanna do. Then, maybe my passions could engulf me everyday as I entertain them while they lead a source of material sustenance for me and for the people I care for.

Dang, my, err-, bestest friend (?) told me that he go visit slots casinos abroad. Bestowed with beginner's luck, he can come home a few hundred bucks richer. Don't you wish life was just like that?

But, when all this breeds a disdain that my senses have come to make me aware of , I try to return to the first line. Life is a cobweb.

Everything has been planned out. By our Creator. And though my cobweb now hasn't trapped any potential dinner that could last for weeks, (eeewww, just a comparison, ok?), I know I can get by with these little mosquitoes.

Life is a cobweb. And I am a fairy. (Midsummer Night's Dream, anyone? Cobweb is one of Titania's fairy servants and I got to play the part back in highschool. I can't act well so I always get the superficial roles in the play. Either that or I write the play. Lol.)

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