If You'd Like to Date Me, Throw Me a Disc

I have been a disc freak for over a year now. Way back in college, it's only until the throws. Thanks to my officemates, I found another love.

Playing Ultimate Frisbee gives you a temporary high that could last until the next time you execute your amazing block. After that point, your addiction to the game heightens. With every assist that you make, the hunger for the game will haunt you even after you sleep. The desire for you to do better with your throws will not stop bugging you. And when you score, it'll ultimately become the highlight of your day. Or week.

Yesterday, while watching the discheads do their thing flawlessly, I realized that the game is one way of getting to know the person quickly. I mean, the whole game is not only a test of your physical abilities, but your whole personality as well. A game not requiring a referee, Ultimate Frisbee has something special going on in the form of The Spirit of the Game. It's the sportsmanship principle that humbles out each game player. All should be fair and arguments shouldn't breed onion-skinned reactions. All these are the responsibilities of the playing members, not by the members on the sidelines or the game marshall.

With this realization, the writer in me has the spark plugged on. *Ting!

Lol. Ala na akong ibang action shots.

*Disclaimer: Thoughts are purely for literary play only. Any coincidence in real life and or any imaginary implication is strongly favored to be disregarded. When you think it's about something or someone, then it's not. Those thoughts are asked by writer to be dispatched by the reader. That means you. Thank you.

If you'd like to date me, throw me a disc.

If you want to date me, I want to see you play the field first. And, by field I mean, a grassy one. Maybe sandy. Or muddy.

I'd like to see the way you run, the way you change your course as your gut tells you to.
I'd like to know if you can keep your balance when you hit the ground after a great jump catch.
I'd like to know if you can quickly react when your game plan and the actual play opposes and crashes down all your hopes.
I'd like to see you lose yourself all in the name of Ultimate.

I'd like to see you in your most dominant state.
I'd like to see you in a jersey, a chance when you can exhibit all your masculinity, your field-length pools and your sharp cuts and blocks.
I'd like to see your jaws clench and fists curl every time something slips off that would cause you your team's winning.
I'd like to see you push yourself to the limits.

I'd like to see you in most pressing situations.
I'd like to see how you cool your head despite the scorching heat, the consuming thirst, some minor setbacks and injuries.
I'd like to know how you'd handle a hotheaded opponent.
I'd like to know how you'd take in a misjudged foul called in by the one guarding you.

I'd like to see you in a victorious battle.
I'd want to know how your lips curve into a smile whenever you credit for a stat.
I'd want to see you humble down when they praise you.
I'd want to see how you deal with compelling glee brought about by each score and/or winning.

I'd like to see you at the sidelines.
I'd like to know how you support your teammates.
I'd like to watch you catch your breath and gulp down a bottle of water.
I'd like to see you sweat up close. (haha!)
And, I'd like to check if you're checking out those chicks in sport bras and short shorts.

I'd like you to come play with me.
I'd like to know how good you can catch my forehand throws.
I'd want to know how much pressure you'd apply when you throw a disc to me.
I'd like to know if you trust me enough to throw a disc to me during a game.
I'd like to know if you'll cut for me, call my name and catch my throw.

I'd like to know if you can handle me. Or if I can handle you.

If you'd like to date me, throw me a disc.

~ End

Hate it? Haha. But, I know I have a point. =}

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