Winter Hangover with No nonsense

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.
It's the coldest time of the year. Cold breeze. Chapped lips. Marshmallows on cocoa. Warm sweaters. Solid leggings. Hair in a bun. Darlings, it's the cuddle weather and it's my personal favorite season.
I remembered living for a couple of months in a cold place, in Baguio. The cold lingered all year long and I couldn't help but enjoy the weather. Besides, I wouldn't have to go abroad to play winter dress up. I just need to stay there. I wore a lot of leggings and sweaters with oversized buttons, vintage striped dress inside. Ohh, I swear the memories kept me passionate and longing and needy of cold months. If I could sashay for another time in the streets with the blossoming flowers amidst the stinging dry cold, I would do in this ensemble.
I am the Snowflake queen.

No nonsense is the perfect base for my cold weather get up. You wouldn't have a hard time locating them since they are readily available in retail stores and even in food and drug stores. So, when you get stuck on a road trip with all your pants soiled, go take a stop at the nearest store and your No nonsense tights and leggings will be waiting for you. And, you only have to shed out little cash as these are very affordable pieces.
As my style suggests (think starry, sequined sweaters over solid leggings), leggings are the best way to embody that hippie, young, wild and free aura. Perfect for twenty-something dames -- easy wearing, but chic. Innocent flair, but sexy. Lacking ideas on how to wear leggins? You can go check out Jill Martin fashion guide. Yes, she is partnering with No nonsense. Trust Jill. She is a fashion expert, an Emmy Award winning TV personality and a co-writer of "I Have Nothing to Wear", a New York Times Bestseller fashion guide.
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