Striking out Somebody Else's Wishlist

If I have one wish for this blog, I wish that every blog post would be witty enough for hundred people so I can get hundred comments and a hundred applause. I was thinking of revamping it acouple of times already. I wish that every post would be as cool as the cool posts in Thought Catalog and Brain Pickings.


However, it has not attained that level. Yet. For the mean time, I am striking out Chloe Masterson's Every 20's Something Wishlist, which I liked very much because I can see myself nodding at every item. Okay, so I am not really striking them out unless I want to be sued for duplicate content in the internet. Instead of copying all the items in this blog post (which means having to publish the content in this blog) and striking out those which I currently have, I am only going to enumerate those that I have/like. So, it would be better if you read my entry and Chloe's entry side by side so that you would understand what I mean and you wouldn't classify me as an internet boohoo. Let's start.

[x] Family. check.
[  ] Overseas trips. Planning to do so!
[  ] Friend with a cute baby. I agree with this. I want to play with the baby (well, sometimes). But I can't have a baby right now. Gowsh, I have soooo many things in my bucket list and I can't do them if I already have a baby by my side.
[x] Significant other. I have one! I have two one! Lol.
[  ] Co-workers. I am having a mini heart attack whenever I sense people staring at my computer screen at work. Weirdos.
[x] People who find us attractive. Ahem. Ahem. I marked an X because I feel beautiful and sexy most of the time. =) Ahaha. And some call me fat. I don't know what their problem is because they keep saying it over and over again and I still beam at them. xP
[  ] Minor crushes. I don't have na. =( Hehe. Okay, I likey likey Damon. Of TVD.
[x] 6 Friends to participate in a ritual Happy Hour every Friday night. I have them and I call them family. I sincerely hope we can cut away with the liquor so that we can try new shores! Think Vigan. :)
[x] Good books. Plenty. Overflowing. And I haven't finished reading them all. And I've got additional books on my iPad. :( Time, give me more time!

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