Bloated in January { Maria Makiling | TayTay Falls | Private Pool }

Hi, guys! It's the 19th of January and the first month of 2013 is almost coming to an end, but why is it that I still feel like it's the 1st of January, when overflowing determination and glee vibrates through your whole being? =D

Okay, mock me all you want, but in the weeks that have passed, I have done a whole lot of things than I did in 5 months 2 years ago. I was lifeless back then, but now I am living it all out. Even my cells agree with me. They have decided to put a visible mark to address this epiphany. A mole has grown on the side of my left big toe. This means that I am going to do wonders this year. I am going to travel forth. *Blast trumpets here!* We got some travel plans and I really do hope they would be pursued. Lord, please?

This month, I've been night swimming in a pool, picture walking in Pook ni Maria Makiling and dipping in the ice cold waters from Taytay Falls. Brrrr. It has been fun! 

This was in Pook ni Maria Makiling. I have been there couple of times already, whenever my tita's family has visitors, they tour the visitors there. The first time that I have been there, my hair was short and I was a few pounds lighter (ouch!), a glowing dove showed up in my picture. Funny because we didn't saw any bird during the photo opp. Oh well. There's this large swimming pool in there, but for the times that I have been there, it's always empty. So, my cousins and I would go down into the deep, empty abyss and feel the space that the tiled floor and wall has to give. You know, running around and feeling free. We would take pictures of stuff like dew drops on leaves and insects on empty swimming pool. You could find some shots in ShutterLadyBug.

The following week, boyfie and I went back in Laguna for a night swimming. My papa has to go work in the solitary ship in the open seas again after a month of spending time with our family. Sad. I salute the wives of seafarers. They can take in so much with their partners being physically absent for a loooong time. I equally salute the seafarers since they have to trod the unfamiliar or familiar sea path just so their families can have happy lives. The emptiness and the distance -- they're all heavy to bear. Papa, be safe. :) We looove you a bunch. And I miss my captain, my dad. He was a captain of the ship. Tough man, huh? Now he's a captain in heaven, probably in a flying ship, just like in the movie, Peter Pan. :)

The day after that, spontaneity ate up my aunts and my papa's sisters (my cousins' aunts). Coming home from the night swimming, they were having this discussion of Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna. The next minute, they were asking our driver neighbor how much it would cost to rent a van and go there. So, off we go. Haha! I love my family. They are so cool. I hope mom was with us though. Anyway, we went there by van. I was asleep for like half of the journey. Then, when we got there, we faced a ten minute walk. It wasn't hard at all since the government has already fixed the path. It was an easy, few minutes walk. And during the walk, you could see portions of the streams coming from the waterfall and if you look hard enough in the lower left picture, you could catch a glimpse of the water. I couldn't get over the clarity of the water. If you would take a picture from the top, if your camera is high end, then you wouldn't notice that there's a water flowing. You would only think it's just the stones, forming a path. Yeah, it is that clear. I'm ecstatic there's still something this pure and beautiful in this sick world. =D And when we got to the top, the water was ice cold freezing!!! Seriously. I could only take three consecutive and quick water submersion and that's it. =D

I still have plenty of things to share, but you could always click on the New Post button, huh? You should go explore places, too! :) And if you already are, then don't stop. 

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