Global Gutz Paintball Vouchers -- Redeemed!

Yo! My Saturday last week was action-packed. The Global Gutz Paintball Vouchers that we have purchased from CashCashPinoy were finally claimed. And for Php200, you get to sweat under the late morning sun, shoot your opponents with colored balls and get to wear those (uhm, icky) gears. Haha, but I didn't mind; I've got extra clothes! :) The voucher entitled us to an all-day access to the paintball field, gears and gun with twenty free bullets. We have to buy additional bullets. One pack (1500 bullets) for Php1000, if I remembered correctly.

Here's all of us. We're all workmates, except for the two lovely ladies who joined us. They're the girlfriends. Cute, eh?

TEAM A - The winning team. Haha. At least, for me. 

TEAM B - No comment. *Rolling eyes*

In between games, we like to pose for some shots. We've got blogs, so taking pictures is a must. This picture shows me and my {close} friends. They told me to do the salute thing, but I refused. Hahaha. Basically, we had decided to have two game modes: (1) One-shot kill and (2) The Zombie Mode. In the former, when you got shot, you're out of the game. In the latter, you got shot, you are still alive, and can therefore, continue to play until everyone is out of bullets. Thus, the name.

Team A (my team) behind our home base. We won during the first fight. But, that's because our starting area, holds a lot more advantage than the opposite area. It's easier to start on this part of the artificial terrain because the bunkers are taller. You don't have to bend over to avoid getting hit.

The black team attacking us. Thanks to manong who risked his life just to take some action shots. I have to confess I have not "artificially" killed someone during the entire morning. All my shots either splatted all over the wooden bunkers or were still safely tucked inside my paintball gun.

Being next to your teammate during the game isn't a good thing. The opponents will easily see you and would bombard you with those paint balls. I should know. I've tried it. Thanks to my teammate, A who got stuck behind one of the bunkers with me. See picture below.

I just froze behind that giant tin can because the orange bullets were coming from everywhere. That's me! With the pink shoes. Haha. We're so dead. We lost during this round. See, a teammate was alreading heading off the paintball field.

Can you find me in this picture? You see me? Good. Well, guess what. I have stayed there during the entire game. I dare not run to the next bunker because I disliked the idea of getting out of the cover and being hit while doing so. You might ask me what's my purpose in playing the game. For fun? Alright. I'm no fun. Boo! Hehe. At least, I got out of the field without any bruises! So, yay. 

Green team pic again! Yep, we're losers, but we know how to pose. I had a feeling earlier that the team split up was unfair. Hmmm. And at the end of every game, I always have bullets left. 

I had fun! Though I can't relate to the thigh pains and adrenaline rush that my friends were talking about right after the game. I just stood there and fired some shots every other minute. Lol. Somebody even shot me in the head. The bullet splashed right in front of my mask. And I got shot on the right portion of my chest, the shot is visible in the picture above. And I also got killed by a knife. In a fake way, of course. S of the black team got near me and told me he just stabbed me to death.

I can give you tips if you and your friends want to go paintballing.
  • Wear pants. There are puddles of mud in some areas, so you don't want your skin to be touching them. And if you get hit on the legs, the impact can be lessened and so is the possibility of getting a bruise. (But, in my case, I did get a bruise though I wore pants. This was a few years back when I first played paintball. I still have the picture of my bruise, which I'll upload here soon. Tomorrow maybe)
  • Wear sunblock. 
  • Pack some extra clothes even if you have to carry your backpack afterwards. You'll surely get dirty. And who knows? Someone might carry your bag for you. And if you get lucky, he'll bring it home for you. Btw, you can change in the area. They have a comfort room. 
  • Conserve your bullets. Manong will tell you to go out of the field if you don't have any left. That would be a bummer. Maybe I did a little too over bullet conservation. I had plenty left and I never got to use them. =(
  • Don't ever take off your mask while you're inside the field. You know why.
  • Invite a lot of friends. We're 18, all in all. They've got plenty of gears, so there's enough for everyone. 
  • If you want to play by the official paintball rules, educate yourselves here: Paintball for Dummies.

That's all. We're falling in love with those deal sites. There's just so much to do as long as you have money, on-the-go and anti-yojllik friends and time. Until the next coupon site-induced activity!

Picture Credits: First three are from Adalie. The rest are from A.

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