Ooooh, Blogger Shirts

Yeah, because we're cool like that.

My very good friend, J, told me we have to have our blog headers plastered on a shirt. And we ought to wear them when we go out. And, being the obedient and passive friend that I am, I said yes. So, off we had our very first blogger shirts made by a friend, R, who just started out the printing business and a blog.

And when our orders came, we were very happy with the service. Take a look at our blogger shirts here.

Neat, eh?

JL authors Smize and Scratches.
Of Bows and Frills is of JP's.
And me, I own I Shall Not Speak, my private blog.

I Shall Not Speak is a super private blog for my eyes only. Don't bother to come looking for it because the only reader that Blogger allows on that page is moi, and the posts are password protected. It's a dead bolt. Spare your fingers.

The blog headers were all created by JL. He has a thing for this. It is extremely seldom that I let people step over my creative borders, JL is one of those lucky, talented people. I usually trust only myself when I do artsy fartsy stuff.

I also love JP's header. It's like a modern feminist image. To see the original headers, you can visit Of Bows and Frills and Smize and Scratches. Just so you have the idea of the printing quality that our friend can offer. Oh, and if you want to order from our friend, you can reach her through her site, POP Print. Disclaimer: I don't have any commissions from her... as of the moment. 

Of course, I have to have a drama picture with my blogger header, thus this. Taken with my beloved chunky, vintage ring and my pale pink nails. Too girly, I know.

And another one. This time with my Paris necklace. Ignore the veins on my arms. Hahaha. It's just the way I am. 

And here's me wearing the shirt. And the polka dot bow headband. I have dark circles under my eyes. Pft.

Made some modifications on my outfit. Because the shirt was kinda big. Stomach bump. Lol. 

And here's me with JL, hanging out somewhere where the night is enchanted with sparkly lights and where the youth and young-at-hearts are elated by the coffee-spiced air. 

#Walangbasaganngtrip =P

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