I scrammed after I posted this

I've eaten my dinner. I've munched on a donut. I've ended the shelf-life of two peanut-butter cookies. I ate bandi (the circular caramelized sugar with peanuts). But, I'm still hungry. Or, so I thought. I was finally getting thinner weeks ago, but now, I'm gaining weight again. :\ That is a bad sign. Am I depressed?

I decided I'm not. I'm just so sure of myself that whatever the scale says is unimportant.

Or, I'm just a pig.

Anyways, I've just watched Paranormal Activity 2, which I thought was just wasted time. I should have locked my door and worked on oDesk again, but that would add more blandness to my already boring life, so I joined them.

I get that temporary high again for like 5 seconds from the alcohol that I have been pumping into my system. I drank a little with my neighbors. We're like Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, Rejesh and Howard from The Big Bang Theory. Only I'm not hot and blonde and my four neighbors are not geeks. And we're not discussing why The Army Ants is more appropriate than the Perpetual Motion Squad for a group name.

Pft. I have no plans of making an entry today, but someone told me I should. And I get this funny feeling right at this very moment, knowing that this would be read by him in a while. So, can I go random again?

Mi thoughts for the day.

  • SMS - A way of telling somebody things that you are too chicken to talk about in person (and you just don't care if he or she is in the same room. Or bus.)
  • Red Horse - The most socially adaptable animal that I've ever come to know. Always present when two or more friends are together.
  • Giving in - Something you shouldn't have done weeks ago
  • Restraining - A hard thing to do, especially when you found the activity to be stimulating
  • Online job - A much more productive way of spending your boring week nights at home
  • A busted light - An effective accessory that would have probably scared the **** out of you when you are working alone (at night) right after you have seen a supernatural nonsense horror film. (Thank heavens for housemates who share your love of the internet and who actually shares the table with you right now. It's okay if you don't talk as long as you know somebody human is physically with you.)
And to end, I'd like to share this clip with you. Cute kasi. =D

I think this was made for people like me. And, my friend here sent me a link and I thought of sharing it with you. Will make you giddy for a while and pull you back to reality right after because you just can't afford such documentary. 

And before I say goodnight, pabanat!

Girl: Ano ang pangarap mo?
Boy: Gusto ko mapag-isa.
Girl: Sunget!
Boy: Ang PUSO nating dalawa. ♥

Yiheee! Night! :)

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