That Bachelor Girl

The woman of a certain age is a very charming concept in French. In just about every other language it is a euphemism for having lost, through age, whatever charmant thing it was the made you charming. And for a woman who never married, there are no euphemisms. The "losing" in her case is a condition, a pathology. It is about as far removed from a charming concept as a brain tumor.

- Dorian, 38, National Public Radio Producer, 2001

This is taken from Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl. More about this on my next post. 

My thought during this wee hour of the morning: I believe women who have just walked away from a once bewitching kinship out of their own will, in the hope of finding happiness, emit an ardent aura that draws in the assiduity of many a men. And I wish I'm not one of them. Spare me the burden of popping man egos. 

Pardon me for being so abstracted, intriguing and scheming. I just have to let this out, without giving the entire thought away. :}

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