Back to Normal, Dang

Hooya. The Dame's back. From her hometown. I had fun. Saw and played with the puppies. Went bowling with my co-villains. Got to island hop. Served like a princess at home. Hihi. Found a new home. Bonded with my dogs. Ate crabs and other home specialties. Participated in the Holy Week Procession. Got to wear this floral screen summery top. Got to sleep like a baby beside mom. Haha.

A Fart by vinquilop
But, I am toooo lazy to edit and upload the pics. Sorry. I can always do it tomorrow. And maybe I can do a separate post for each. Donchathink? Later, helterskelter.

And lately, I have been off with my goals. Haven't accomplished the 52moments weekly tasks. Gave in to a lot of negativities. And I'm thinking of having a new life somewhere not here. And, my life become a little less dull ever since I have developed this habit of listening to three coolest voices in the radio every morning. Jam88.3. Go listen. Aside from their indie, new alternative songs, I hear rants and raves about current issues. Some, I got from them.

As of now, I've learned of these things:

  • SM is cutting down more than a hundred trees circling their Baguio branch vicinity for the sake of having a wider parking lot. SM Baguio is my favorite SM branch and in my opinion, one of the greenest malls since they don't use conditioning. The Baguio breeze is ,more than enough, thank you. But, how could they just cut down the trees? Noooooo. If you know something, some petition that we could support, please tell me. I would gladly join.
  • Jenna Talackova, a transgender who won Miss Canada is going to join Miss Universe. I have nothing against gays, lesbians, bisexuals. I have friends that belong to these groups, but I am on the other side of the fence in this issue. What happened to 'the essence of being a woman'? But, she is really pretty. But, I am not crossing or hopping over the fence, still.
  • You can now buy stocks in Facebook. I would if only I have started engaging in the stock market moths ago as planned. Facebook is ever-growing and everybody uses Facebook. So I guess it's a smart choice. Or so. I am still not that knowledgeable in stocks. But, I will be. Soon. When I have the money.
  • And, JK Rowling is releasing The Casual Vacancy in September. It's her first novel intended for the adult community. The death of Barry Fairweather breeds war in his supposedly peaceful town, called Pagford. And I am reminded of Padfoot. Sounds like, eh? 
There. I hope I continue this journey of being mindful of my surroundings. I need to get rid of being a office/country/world wallflower. I need to be proactive. Char.

TUMBLE.BLOG! {A blog feature of new blogs that stirred something in me and this has caused me to rape its follow button. Hope you like it! I'll do this starting now. The Tumble.Blog Buzz.}

And, sorry for the word in the picture. I just have to repost it in here. I actually like the piece. And I discovered it via a new tumblr blog which I am following right now: Keep Calm and Fart. Cool guy. Neat artworks.

See ya. Life is short. Live out your dreams. *Night, world. I just need to sip on water. My throat is parched.

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