Greet Me a Happy Silver Day

Last year, I did a birthday goal post. Let's see if I did well, shall we?
  1. Slim down. {Nope. Gained 3 kg.}
  2. Visit Vigan. {Nope. Too tight on budget, still.}
  3. Grow my hair. Treat it well. {First strikethrough! Permed it even. =)}
  4. Apply for a credit card. {I applied, but bad news. Next time.}
  5. Continue reading the bible. {But not religiously, though. =( }
  6. Be a whole lot nicer. {I can still be nicer. I guess I am a better friend now.}
  7. Control anger. {I'm not tolerating someone who brings out the worst in me.}
  8. Buy books from book sales. And read them. {Super successful at this one, but I should finish reading them.}
  9. Find a house for me, mom and the dogs. {Plans changed. =( }
  10. Let them live with me ASAP. {Plans changed. I'm kinda helpless with this one.}
  11. Try not to be torpid. {Played frisbee, went out. I'm working on it.}
  12. Take beautiful pictures. {I can do better than this.}
  13. Buy a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace). {It's Samsung Wave 525. Works fine.}
  14. Buy RAM for my laptop. {Gave my lappy to mom. She said it works okay, so no need.}
  15. Buy external hard disk. {Not with my own money though. A good thing.}
  16. Take my day work more seriously. {Will have to work on this.} 
  17. Write more. {Yes, I did. And I've made new blogs, too.}
  18. Earn more online. And build passive income. {Got some online gigs, but not regular ones.}
  19. Snorkel. {Dang! I need to accomplish this asap.}
  20. Take my dog niche blog seriously. {Uh-oh. Nope. Haven't updated it in a while.}
  21. Go out more often. {Thanks to my friends.}
  22. Party at least once a month. {So sad. Dream wouldn't come true. I need girl friends first.}
  23. Try to be a little less torpid. {Double entry. Haha.}
  24. Confess my sins. {Gotta do it this holy week.}
  25. Extend help whenever possible. {I failed. =( But I was more helpful.}
13/25. A little more than fifty percent. Bad. And I've been doing general goals. I should be more specific, so that the yes-or-no criteria will be mutually exclusive. Note to Self: More specific, please.

This 2012, I'm a glittering silver. Woah. Now, camera clicks.

Camwhoring in our Apartment
Now, you can read My 25 on 25 List.

1. Lose the stomach fat. Do Ab Ripper X regularly, not everyday though. It's an exercise for my biggg stomach. I should fit in my old shorts and jeans.

2. Join stocks. I was planning to join the stock market early this year, but it got jeopardized. Oh, well.

3. Buy a house for mom and dogs. Starting with renting a house. 

4. Finish at least 25 books. Classics and Contemporaries. Oh, And find Coffee with Oscar Wilde. I need to read. I need to surround myself with books. They keep me company and make me look smart. Snort.

5. Snorkel in Coron. I'd love to swim in the open seas. I know I can float, but only for some time. And I'd like to snorkel in a bikini if you don't mind. In a bikini with a vintage flair. (I dream in details. *wink)

6. Take breathtaking pictures in Vigan. I love cobblestone paths and hole-in-the-wall cafe shops. I'd like to go there alone only if I am not too chicken to travel alone. You know what? Maybe, I would.

7. Enroll in a dance class. I miss dancing. Hope my roomie will be with me on this one. She mentioned it this morning though.

8. Travel outside the country with J, A, R, J, Y and other friends. I'd like to travel. I'd like to resign from my job and see what the world has to offer. I believe I was born to do something more. To see more. To inspire. I'd like to go to Santorini, Venice and Seychelles. =)

9. Engage in local community outreach programs quarterly. Do more Charity Avenues. An outreach opportunity presented itself to me, but too bad I have to work that day. =( I changed my sched to accomplish this stuff. *Cross fingers*

10. Buy frisbee cleats and join frisbee tournaments. In Ultimate Frisbee, the shoes make all the difference. Been playing with my Shape-Ups and all my games sucked. When I switched back to my pink, ever-reliable Pony shoes, I got my game back!

11. Attend a retreat. I need to find myself. Lost it years ago. Blogging seemed to hold on to the pieces left, but I need to be whole again. 

12. Go to Tagaytay with aunts, moms, cousins as I promised them. I feel bad that I can't do this yet. =(

13. Achieve clear skin. Blame the board exams and night shift for my scarred face, but my clear skin is coming back. Yey.

14. Earn a regular monthly income from online jobs. I need extra money, do I need to say more?

15. Meet new people. Ever since the wonderful blogging connection I made last year, I had a knack for meeting new people. People who has the same interests as I do. I want to rekindle my passion with many things. I want to meet people who can ignite this passion. :)

16. Confess my sins. I need to. I hope, this Holy Week, I can do this.

17. Be published anywhere. Young blood, or anywhere else. I want to be published. I am just waiting for the perfect timing. For that one beautiful piece of writing. Maybe I should start drafting a piece tomorrow?

18. Make sense, be serious at times and slow down on being peachy. I got tired of all the academic praises back in high school and through college. (Ang hangin ko, sorry) I am not a technical person by nature-- I just learn fast and I don't wanna talk about it during lunch time or at home, only in meeting rooms and the fine containment of the email space. I prefer artsy compliments. I valued my award for winning 3rd place in an Interpretative Dance more. Lol. And I enjoy being complimented on my sporty skills. Hihi. But, I need to grow up and speak about technical matters. =(

19. Hopefully, start up a new wardrobe. Period. I have my fashion sense intact. I just need some execution and money to start with. I'm already doing my inspiration board in Pinterest. Check out MyStyle~.

20. Talk openly about my faith, whether it's blogging or in person. I just want to be His daughter and do my duties. I need effort in this one.

21. Do something about my career. I'll keep the details to myself. For now. Hehe.

22. Play the piano once again. I miss the keyboards. =( I'll do more recordings. Would you like that? (Whooosh. Tomodo pa yung hangin. Sorry, it's me day. Hehe.) I'll bring na my keyboard here in the apartment.

23. Take my blogging to another level. Every blog especially personal, food blog, book, writing, dog. Seriously, it makes me happy. I take pride in it. But, I'm just too lazy sometimes. And I have to watch out for my grammar because people I know read my blogs. And I just got a message from a store owner, wanting to thank me for such a wonderful entry about their shop. *Beam! This reminds me that I should stop the drama rama posts and post something interesting, something constructive, something that will give my readers something. From now on, I wouldn't post if it's not: (1)Informative, (2)Interesting, (3)Thought-Provoking, (4)Something without a Moral Lesson and (5)Helpful. 

24. Enroll in a short course in a real school. I kind of miss school. Doing homeworks and stuff. I want to go to UPLB and take a short writing course. I just don't know how, but I'll figure this one out. Or, I could finish all the interesting short courses in this cool site, Alison. You can get online certificates for free. Already enrolled in a couple of classes since last year. I haven't finished them all yet, or let alone, start with them.

25. Date. But, I don't do blind dates. It should be with someone I know for some time. Someone I like. Someone I could talk to. Someone available. That's why nobody makes it to my list. My friends told me I should try something new. Haha. I mean, it's been years since my last date. And it has been five months. There's nothing wrong with dating, right? But I'm still kind of hesitant. I'm going to date before I turn 26. Haha. Promise. And this time, I wouldn't compromise. Ever.

There. I bet I've been specific enough, eh? Pray for me, will you? I just want to really really live my life. I believe it's not yet too late to be who I want to be. I want to be a blessing to the people I meet. And I want to inspire. God bless you more, lovely reader. I do love you. :)

In order to lead a fascinating life — one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance — you must surround yourself with precisely those things.

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