Sweet Sixteenth

I blew two sets of candles today. I sort of wished that my wishes can have twice the possibility of occurring since I had two cakes -- one from my tito and aunts and one from my mom (who's in our hometown. She has to make a deal with my roomie.) Selfish, much?

Guess my age. Haha.

Who would think that the girl blowing the cake is already halfway through her twenties? Well, those who knew her, of course!

I didn't have a grand celebration, just simple, as usual, with family and housemates. But, this day really made me happy. My mom and several of my favorite people are celebrating my birthday back in our hometown in our new house. So, that really makes me happy. :) 

I love the idea that the first person to greet me through text is the one that matters to me the most. <3 And that friends and families have greeted me on Facebook. A simple greeting makes me happy. The thought that someone remembers you. 

I really did feel special today and it was something that I haven't felt for like some time now. :) Yes, I am desperate for attention. Haha, kidding. And, I am like revitalized. My goals are intact again. My inspiration is back. My zest for life is juicing up again. 

Thanks to you, too, my online friends. You've known me and read my deepest thoughts. :) 

I just feel so blessed. 

Now, I know birthdays were made to remind you that life is a celebrated thing. 

I pray that from now on, everything will be great and during times that they aren't, I pray that I'll find the strength and courage to face things. And, I pray for discernment to see His will. :)

From my Living Water 2012 {Today's Bible verse}

Stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus.
Acts  4:30

I have been healed. I pray the same thing for you. :)

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