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Apr 2, 2012

Only You Can Help You

Have you heard about 'Dating Rules from my Future Self'? It's a web series that my friend J went crazy about for a few weeks. It's a romantic comedy with a flair of science fiction. The series challenges us, "What if your future self could send texts back to your past self and give you advice on your relationships?"

This main girl is working on a phone application company. She suddenly had this crazy application idea of creating your future self, throwing in all the characteristics of what your future self should be then create an algorithm that would enable a smart reply a.k.a. tip from your future you right into your phone whenever you text that alter ego. Crazy, right? But some kind of a cool therapy. I wish you could see the whole episode.

The producer behind this YouTube series is the same producer of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. And the ex boyfriend is from Pretty Little Liars and the cutie new guy is from The Vampire Diaries (Tyler's cousin, the hunky werewolf).

And if this is your peg, you can imitate all these. Yes, with slightly reversed modifications. I found It's a site where your present self can write emails to your future self in the near or far future. You can send the mail to yourself, your friends, your ex-boyfriend that you surely loathe, that one guy who has a girlfriend who's hitting on you, your mother, sister. To anyone who has an e-mail.

The assurance that they will read it is quite a blur, but at least you have vented out your emotions right into their faces or your face -- in the future. If you're lucky, then they might still be using and opening the same email address and receive or read your mail. Then, who knows what will happen next, right?

I just think it's a cool idea. I just tried it out. And in case you're wondering, I sent the mail to my 25-year old self. Haha. I just revealed how old I am going to be. Oh my.

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