Love Makes the Ferris Wheel Go Round

I think you could fall in love with anyone if you saw the parts of them no one else gets to see. Like if you followed them around invisibly for a day and saw them crying in their bed at night or singing in the shower or humming quietly to themselves as they make a sandwich or even just walking along the street. And even if they were really weird and had no friends at school, I think, after seeing them at their most vulnerable, you wouldn’t be able to help falling in love with them. 

I saw this quote on my tumblr dashboard and these words deserve to be spread around. After having that usual shuttle chat with a friend, I instantly remembered this excerpt.

The agony from work must've prodded her tongue to betray vignettes of her sad, real life moments. Every woman has had her own heartbreak months. I, for one, have been there. It's the place where the sky is always a midnight blue with no twinkling stars. Everything is ugly. Time, who is supposedly to take your pain away, is also an enemy.

When I heard her story, I remembered my own and I blurted out my own desperate moves and moments, not to falsely comfort her, but to let her know that she was not alone and that that stage was something that we had to go through to grow our wings back. Just like a Phoenix, a brokenhearted woman is destined to grow more majestically after her greatest downfall. Infallibility is impossible in the bittersweet field of love.

My point here is not about heartbreaks, but is about seeing people in one of their weakest states, no matter what emotions they try to project (whether they are laughing or still hurting) at the time of that exposure. When I do, I want to seep the pain residues from that person and give him/her a bear hug. When I do, I want to help them with whatever burden they are presently carrying, whether it's still about the heartbreak or not. When I do, I want to make that person realize how she has all the will to choose happiness. I want to be better for them and I want to make them happy.

When that whimsical moment happens, I see them in a beautiful, fragile aura and like a bonus in a video game, *insert bonus tune here*, they gain my affection and I learn to love them more. And when I do, my heart puffs up and becomes heavier, in a good way, with all those deep emotions. And when I do, I start to treat them better and make them happier by doing things that could benefit them even if that means a minus or an inconvenience in my part. I don't know why I am like that. I just am.

Sigh. =) Do you get those moments when all you can muster up are I love you's to our Creator? I had that special, called for moment today and I feel happy. I guess I am just full of love though my life is a mess.

Christian love, either towards God or towards man, is an affair of the will. 
- C.S. Lewis 

Post Script. He told me he read my entire blog and said that I am sweet. And there goes my heart. Just like a helium-filled metallic silver balloon with a pale pink ribbon tied to it. Turn my heart into balloons everyday, will you?

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