Suck up the Bad and Breathe In the Good

It's nearing November's end and it's a sad thing how time flies so fast. Twenty four hours is not just enough for me to do all the things that I want and need to do. For me, the goal that we, as humans, should work for while we're walking on the earthly soil to make both these things as one.

I guess I am getting there though. I mean, I was finally convinced of what I want to do with my life when a job that I kind of dreamed of was offered to me. I kind of rejected it, thinking about my future. It was the job I would LOVE to do, but it was pretty limiting and kind of boring and I want to do more.

But that offer just confirmed what I really want to do in my life. ;) I know that I am learning because I have not given in to the temporary dream, I've thought of the BIG picture and what I can do. Internet, you really have your homeschooling benefits.
And, just this week, I got to open my eyes on how to be an entrepreneur. I have to leave the details about that because I feel the need to. It's enlightening and inspiring and exciting and overwhelming to meet people who share the same ideals as you. I hope I get to keep them for a pretty long time until we realize our dreams and until we help people along the way. Okay, I'll spill. It's Finance Pinoy and we're planning to make it BIG in there soon. Got lots of idea for it. The site is just part of the whole picture, so watch out. ;)

Also, the entrepreneurial thing got into me when I talked with a friend earlier. Well, I told him about the website that I am making and the possibility of making business out of it and I guess I have inspired him. I think I have sparked in him enough interest that he asked me if I want a partner in my site. But being engaged with the previous partnership (the one I have mentioned above), I think that I need to keep The Boomlet Diaries for myself right now. I need to be the boss in that one. {I promise to fix the site. My subscribers is already close to a 100! Imagine. :) With only two posts up.}Maybe, he and I could think of other ways on how to earn online through an idea that he and I can relate to. I hope he was serious though. I am lending him one domain that I am not using and I'll make him a space on my iPage account where he can practice his skills! ;) He asked me where I learned all these and I blurted out Internet. So yes, the internet has its homeschooling benefits.

I love inspiring people and on giving them things to be excited about, encouraging them to try out things that they want to do and earning a little money on the side. My friends have earned from my recommendations. I guess they've earned more in those sites than I did because I often slack on those things since I concentrate on my Creative Content Curator Career. There. ;) I'm going to ditch the Freelance Writer title since it's so general.
How I wish I could speak knowledgeably and freely like that in terms of finances, saving people from the wrong investments and bringing them to the right ones. But I have to learn a lot with regards to that. I don't speak when I don't know the whole thing. And this is one of my weakness! I don't like talking people into things, making them think that I make money out of them. But maybe, that calling will come to me someday. I just need to pass that Associate Finance Planner certification maybe on January. I would want to ace the test before January, but I'm too chicken to log in. Haha! I only have one chance to take it. So, better be prepared first. Maybe I'll start the 30-day expiry log in on December so by January, I am already and AFP.

Gawd and I love grad school! I can totally relate to my Management professor when he speaks of random trivia. I love people who thirst for knowledge and those who go out of their way to do the things they love and those loves the art of multitasking. ;)

And yes, I think I am on the right track in everything that I do today. Some of it, I am just sucking it up (for now) because I need to and the benefits outweigh the pains and bitterness that I hold. At least, I am doing something that could lead me to my dreams. 

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