Starbucks Planner 2014: Should I get one?

Merry Holidays, lovelies. It's November once again and I can see myself dropping by Starbucks every now and then to get that 2014 planner! Did you know what happened to me last year? I lost my sticker card when I was only missing 3-4 stickers na lang. Oh well. 

Anyway, do I need to deal with those calories just to have one planner which could go untouched for a week if I'm way too busy to jot down my things to do. I mean, I could drink hemp oil instead. After all, hemp oil is beneficial. T_T Of course, I am kidding. Hemp oil is not meant for drinking (duh) or frying either. It is just used for salads and dips. 

Now, shall we proceed.

The Starbucks Planner 2014

If you're dying to see how the Starbucks 2014 Planners look, here it is:

I am planning to get the brown one. Or should I get yellow instead? Each of them has different bookmarks, so the bookmarks may play a role in your decision making.

Coffee bean on yellow. House for brown. Vinta (in honor of the Starbucks Kape Vinta Blend) for magenta. And the classic Starbucks paper cup for black.

How to get one?
If you want to avail one, you could do any of the following methods:

  • Stickers Card. Classic Way. Collect all 18 stickers -- 9 Christmas drinks + 9 core beverages. My friend has gotten an extra sticker. He was the first of the 300 customers on Nov. 2nd to avail of the drinks. 
  • Load your SB card. Top up Php 5,000 onto your Starbucks card and viola. You get a planner.
  • Buy Php5,000 worth of SB merchandise. If you want to make yourself believe that you're one extra thoughtful friend by giving SB gifts as Christmas gifts to friends when the truth is you just want that SB planner so badly, then this is the way to go!
Required Calories + Other Planners
According to MyManila, you need to spend at least Php2,025 to get hold of the journal and consume 1,845 calories along the way.

Starbucks Christmas Drinks 2014

Here are the Christmas Drinks, one of which I am tasting out today! Yippe.
These three holiday treats are called Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte. Prices are Php160 for Tall, Php175 for Grande and Php185 for Venti.  

Should I get one?
Is Php2,025 really worth spending for just a single planner? If you analyze it, no, it's not. You can sum up your returns by checking out their promo stubs inside the planner. Add the high that you get because you belong to society by having an SB planner. Caution though, you need to remember calories count too.

I can again go for a Paolo Coehlo planner for 2014. Plus, the pages are lovely to write on! Buttt, if I go out with a bunch of people to Starbucks and they offered me their stickers, then maybe, just maybe, I'll finally consider the yellow one. 

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