A Peppermint Mocha Kind of Afternoon

Hey. I have a lot of going on lately I even think that I got more than my plate could handle. Blame me for having meaningless years for the past few years and for not wanting to have more of that. At least now, my crazy schedule and humongous dreams hold the ability to make me an added case for assisted suicides.  My thoughts are kind of scattered right now, so I am going to do the bullet list again. Okay?

★ As I write this blog post right now, I am comfortable situated in this cozy corner. I was supposed to work back at home, but the internet connection just sucked and my being along is driving me nuts that I (and J; he called) thought that I am better off in a public place, where my emotions are restricted. A fun fact about me, I write better when I am sad. So, my Lust Manifesto blog is well fed again.

So, off I went here after dropping the clothes that J and I put aside for the Yolanda survivors (I refuse to call them victims). Drop off boxes in SM malls are available so you can go bring your used but presentable clothes in any branch for transport to the affected areas.

★ And no, I am not using Starbuck's wifi connection. I was glad my Samsung Note 3 has arrived last Nov. 5th. I am able to access my mail now anytime as long as there is a Smart signal. My investment will not disappoint me, I know. I have her (name is Jaia Awena which means victorious poetry.) for weeks pa lang and I have already got my rewards: LTE connection now for my online work and GPS directions to Baler. The latter was not possible without my ever-dependable J. =) He is so good with directions and his independent nature is contagious! I know how to make my way around Manila on my own. I used to be chicken in treading the streets on my own.

★ We left for Baler a weekend ago. I spearheaded the trip and everything went great! My and J's surfing there last September enabled us to arrange an itinerary so great and book hotels so great that we can't stop thinking of how awesome we are. Will blog about it next. I hope I can really do a decent travel post. I am a fan of travel blogs, but I always feel lazy to do a decent one. =/ I'd rather blab. As I have mentioned in the previous bullet update, we used the Maps via my Samsung Note3 on the way to Baler.

★ J left for his hometown because his daddy already left for heaven. I remembered when mine did ten years ago. It was not a pretty scene. I am going after him next week. I told my boss already about it and he was cool with it. Maybe I could tag along with his sister-in-law and the 4 kids. I hope I can catch up with them.

I just realized I turn into this slacker, 11-am wake-up time person when he's not around. It's just... different when I am alone. I hate LDRs. No rants about Tito R's death, I have already poured out my thought about it in a post. Link's just somewhere in the post. Go find.

★ I am going to have a crazy schedule this Christmas break and the early months of next year. I hope I can make it through with flying colors. Project deadlines and Term Papers. Reporting and Midterm Exams. Balancing and Cash Flows. Preparation and Document Processing. Online jobs and house lookouts. So, yes. I am busy. I just hope everything will turn out well with all His plans for me. I wouldn't want to rebook my plane ticket. It might have a big damage on my wallet. Why didn't I booked for Sunday instead. Ohmy. Oh well. With this, I am exiting Blogspot and working on this today list.

★ And oh, I just got a free Peppermint Mocha drink so I am not changing the title of this blogpost. (Really, I am not making up stories here. Peppermint Mocha was really in the title.) The barista approached me with a cutesy designed tray with this drink near the edge. There were peppermint crumbles scattered all over. So Christmasy!

I gestured to my drink and said, "Kuya, Peppermint Mocha na po ito." (I'm already having a Peppermint Mocha drink. 

His eyeballs turned left and right and he kind of smirked. "Hot naman po ito." (This is the hot version of your drink.)

I beamed, "Okay, cge po. Thanks." I reched for the junior sized paper cup.

He smiled a relieved smile and said, "Para sa inyo naman po talaga ito." (This one's really for you.). 

I just smiled. This is the second Starbucks freebie that I got this month.

I could really get used to this set up. Work-at-home mom (WAHM) job, relax ka lang jan. You are still my ultimate goal. ;)

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