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Dec 23, 2012

My Year (2012) in Review

This is my last night on my apartment this year because tomorrow night, we'll be making our way to the airport. Flight's so early -- 4 am. How can we possibly sleep on the ham-cold floor of the NAIA Terminal Airport?!

I wanna take this chance to "wrap up" my year, the remaining days, I believe will be still a blast, but I can tell you all about that when I get back. So, let me jumpstart with the life replay drama. 

  • Frisbee

Eversince our field was taken away from us (sob, new building has to rise), we were devastated. After finding a field near our office, we were filled with hope again. (Heavy words, huh?) For 2012, Frisbee Saturdays were fun, although they weren't regular. I have joined and supported Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments. Our company had one and the team that I am in was the Champion! Wee, I did a little to contribute. Haha. Hopefully next year, we can participate in the tournament in Boracay during the summertime!
  • New found Friendship

These guys are family! :) I have rekindled with my party girl self through them. Thanks to J, but one thing has changed. I feel sleepy almost so easily I can sleep in a club with a full blast stereo on. Blame the aging factor. The thing that I so love when I am with them except for the alcohol, (haha!) is getting to rock the dancefloor once again. I love dancing, but I guess my dancing moves kind of get monotonous. Haha. And boring. I am still shy though alcohol runs in my system. 
  • Err, him ;)

Need I say more?
  • Blessings I didn't ask for
I have my Life List, but it doesn't coincides with His life plan for me. Sometimes, I find them fabulous. Sometimes, sorrowful. Sometimes, a source of relief. Sometimes, irritating. But, they are the ones that are the best for me. :) So this year, I have received things, tangible and not, that I haven't asked for. Like the very affordable car that I bought for my mom. It is handed down, but hey at least it runs. New accounts. :) More friends. DSL connection, thanks for the concept of bidding and picky le boif. I cannot stop if I can, but I have to though my heart whispers a lot more. Thank you, Lord! <3 div="div">
  • Bookish finds
I bought books, some of which I actually read. I actually filled up my bedside mini-library. This year, I have formally launched my bookworm persona since it was dormant for years. I actually acquired a National Book Store Loyalty card though I knew that I need to spend Php10,000 for a Php100 credit. Who knows? You can always buy non-book items from National Bookstore. I might be making more wedding invites this year.
  • Online Gig
Remember that earn a monthly income goal from my life list? Well, I had! However, the "monthly income" isn't so income-y at all. It can cover a week of expenses, but hey, it is some money. I am just so lazy in making all those product reviews, but I'll come through it. I would be doing a LOT next year. :) And, I am earning some money on some paid-to-promote site through an affiliate. Wee, I am credited a part of his income. And I so love it. That's why I recreated my Earn Online with Miss`C blog -- it was marked as spam and I think I can never have it back. So much with my years of novice effort. Anyhow, I am always willing to start anew. :)
  • Self Traits & the people who loves me
I guess I have changed a lot this year because I feel better about myself. I've learned to stand up for myself because I feel totally loved this year. I have proven that my family is the kindest, non-judgmental bunch. And, by family, I mean my real family and acquired family (few, chosen, lucky friends. lol) :) So, what more can I ask for? Maybe a Samsung Windows 8 lappy. Haha! :)

  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • Oh, but I can't forget that I didn't have a travel galore this year! =/
2013, you're gonna be better! ;)

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