My Year (2012) in Review

This is my last night on my apartment this year because tomorrow night, we'll be making our way to the airport. Flight's so early -- 4 am. How can we possibly sleep on the ham-cold floor of the NAIA Terminal Airport?!

I wanna take this chance to "wrap up" my year, the remaining days, I believe will be still a blast, but I can tell you all about that when I get back. So, let me jumpstart with the life replay drama. 

  • Frisbee

Eversince our field was taken away from us (sob, new building has to rise), we were devastated. After finding a field near our office, we were filled with hope again. (Heavy words, huh?) For 2012, Frisbee Saturdays were fun, although they weren't regular. I have joined and supported Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments. Our company had one and the team that I am in was the Champion! Wee, I did a little to contribute. Haha. Hopefully next year, we can participate in the tournament in Boracay during the summertime!
  • New found Friendship

These guys are family! :) I have rekindled with my party girl self through them. Thanks to J, but one thing has changed. I feel sleepy almost so easily I can sleep in a club with a full blast stereo on. Blame the aging factor. The thing that I so love when I am with them except for the alcohol, (haha!) is getting to rock the dancefloor once again. I love dancing, but I guess my dancing moves kind of get monotonous. Haha. And boring. I am still shy though alcohol runs in my system. 
  • Err, him ;)

Need I say more?
  • Blessings I didn't ask for
I have my Life List, but it doesn't coincides with His life plan for me. Sometimes, I find them fabulous. Sometimes, sorrowful. Sometimes, a source of relief. Sometimes, irritating. But, they are the ones that are the best for me. :) So this year, I have received things, tangible and not, that I haven't asked for. Like the very affordable car that I bought for my mom. It is handed down, but hey at least it runs. New accounts. :) More friends. DSL connection, thanks for the concept of bidding and picky le boif. I cannot stop if I can, but I have to though my heart whispers a lot more. Thank you, Lord! <3 div="div">
  • Bookish finds
I bought books, some of which I actually read. I actually filled up my bedside mini-library. This year, I have formally launched my bookworm persona since it was dormant for years. I actually acquired a National Book Store Loyalty card though I knew that I need to spend Php10,000 for a Php100 credit. Who knows? You can always buy non-book items from National Bookstore. I might be making more wedding invites this year.
  • Online Gig
Remember that earn a monthly income goal from my life list? Well, I had! However, the "monthly income" isn't so income-y at all. It can cover a week of expenses, but hey, it is some money. I am just so lazy in making all those product reviews, but I'll come through it. I would be doing a LOT next year. :) And, I am earning some money on some paid-to-promote site through an affiliate. Wee, I am credited a part of his income. And I so love it. That's why I recreated my Earn Online with Miss`C blog -- it was marked as spam and I think I can never have it back. So much with my years of novice effort. Anyhow, I am always willing to start anew. :)
  • Self Traits & the people who loves me
I guess I have changed a lot this year because I feel better about myself. I've learned to stand up for myself because I feel totally loved this year. I have proven that my family is the kindest, non-judgmental bunch. And, by family, I mean my real family and acquired family (few, chosen, lucky friends. lol) :) So, what more can I ask for? Maybe a Samsung Windows 8 lappy. Haha! :)

  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • I'd rather forget about them.
  • Oh, but I can't forget that I didn't have a travel galore this year! =/
2013, you're gonna be better! ;)

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