2013 Challenges. Firm Handshake.

Because I need somebody to poke a needle on my butt before I can do anything. 2013 is close to a fortnight  away, then I am taking up challenges instead of having the good 'ol New Year's Resolution. Well, my Life List is a separate thing. I am a lover of list, I'd just like to inform you that's why I deemed I needed more than my Paolo Coehlo 2013 Planner -- well, until my Starbucks sticker note got lost. T_T Okay, so maybe I could buy another journal (the one that doesn't need stickers, boo) for me to kiss the pain away. Okay, exaggerating. Let me share these challenges, which I will be sticking (I hope) to during 2013. ;)

 Bye for now. Gotta go run buy some Christmas presents!

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