Operation Super

It's been awhile since I have been wanting to try out the Superfood Smoothies. After the lemon water, this maybe something that I could really force myself to invest in. After all, it's for my health, right? I need those basic intake, cancer-fighting components and acai vitamins.

Before that, I need to double and even triple think of the budget that I need to put in this one. Switching to a Superfood diet entails a lot of investment -- financial, time (of course, blending in the ingredients) and self-control. This week, I have eaten two guilty meals in the form of giant burgers from Brothers Burger and Jollibee. Ohmy. So, here are what I need.

A Reliable and Fun Blender
There are lots of blender discounts from TCAT and I am kind of confused which to get. As of the moment, Shake 'N Take grabs my attention. I like the white lid and it is the cheapest of the three. Sports Bottle Blender is also a drink-after-you-blend type of blender, but I don't like its appearance like I do with the Shake 'N Take. Though it is 4 oz. advanced in volume.

Shake 'N Take | Php 588.00
Sports Bottle Blender | Php 795.00

Magic Bullet | Php 1199.00

Smoothies Recipes 
I deem this wouldn't be the problem. There are lots in Pinterest! I've been seeing them a lot lately and I guess the peer pressure from the internet is eating me up.


Basically, you just pick out your fruit base. Add some other fruits that you like. Choose one leafy green. Or two. The darker, the better. Then pick out a liquid base (water, yogurt, coconut water or fresh fruit juice). Then blend blend blend. Others throw in some herbs like mint to bring the flavor up a notch. And, throw in some superfood!


This is the difficult part. Not on the doing part, but for the wallet. Superfoods are costly. For instance, a Superfood Starter Pack from Superfood Grocer Philippines would be equivalent to Php1,000.00 damage to the wallet, but an instant immune boost to our body.

I intend to get a pack on December. Maybe that will be my gift for myself and for the boyf. He gets tired easily and he claims he doesn't have a good night's sleep. I've read the testimonials and they have said the Maca Powder helped them have a healthy sleep. Hope it'll work for him.

My awareness of Superfoods started when I started working on oDesk with this fitness guru. I was her assistant. I was re-typing recipes, fixing the ingredient substitute, typing out her newsletters and I gained a lot of knowledge about superfoods since then. It kind of ignited the health buff in me, but the ugly junk-eating persona is still alive inside me. Ugh, I just have to tame her.

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