Novels + Real Life Stories Can Cause Heartbreaks

October has been a hell month. It closely was, but it kept a lot of surprises, hamartias and epiphanies. I may just be a drama queen, but I'll let you be the judge.

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★ Finally finished reading The Fault in Our Stars last night on the shuttle bus while I was on my way back home. I couldn't keep my tears from falling that I just snuggled on bf's shoulders, keeping my best to keep the fact that I am actually crying. He found out anyway. This was the continuation of heartbreak morning.

★ That morning, when I was on the 2nd to the last chapter, the part where Augustus Waters has just died (Sorry, this is not a book review so I have the right to spoil things up.), I kept "my book" a.k.a. iPad shut. I pretended its cover was the casing. It was just so heartbreaking. I couldn't bear having red eyes in the office.

★ If you haven't read the book, you can't get the picture on the left. It's Hazel Grace and Augustus. Sniff.

Middle PS. I'll have a book review on The Fault in Our Stars in The Lust Manifesto, my writing and literature blog.

★ Even my flawless project had multiple, heart attack-inducing hamartias. It used to be going oh-so perfectly, but why does everything have to not go smoothly? Right when the thing is about to end. Why? Tell me why? I had my flicker of hope semi-enjoying the rollercoaster ride only, it returned to me only as a wick. No trace of smoke. Nada.

★ My friends and I are about to embark on a journey. We accepted a website development project and I am so excited in doing it! :) Yeah, I got lots to do, but I have time for that. I am planning to engage in Wordpress jobs in oDesk soon anyway. Let this be a practice.

★ I had this crazy urge to finally do something that I have been meaning to do for the last three years of my life. IT would be the ultimate liberating thing to do in my almost-over twenty-something life phase. I don't want to let life randomly kick me into the adult that I don't want to become. -Quote borrowed from  Chris HadfieldI'll only spill when I am actually on it. We have a deal.

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