Superwoman Weeks

Howdy, everyone. I just resurrected from my night shift duties last night. I have to support this urgent testing and thank God it was finished! I loved the people I work with. They can do wonders. I am mainly responsible for the testing, but if the test wouldn't commence because of mechanical issues, then it's still my burden. Anyway, enough of work.

I have updates for you people! :) October 2nd to 3rd week were busy weeks. I just loveee being busy though I struggle in my online career. I am being a YES woman these days. Taking on Superwoman's role, I guess. Sheesh. I might need more tips for a better life to get a grip of myself, eh? Take things slow? Or perhaps, take in less things in the first place. *nonsense blabber* Okay I shall start now.

Marriages here and there!

★ My high school & college friend got married. This is a first, so all the barkada was there! Of all people, K got married first! We have really not expected this. Oh, by the way, groom's not there. Lol.
★ I am one of the hosts! My partner is that guy on the left with the cap. This is my 4th time emceeing. So far, so good. I realized I kind of liked speaking in public. =) First time was 3rd year prom. Oh, I didn't enjoy the rest of the night because I was there in the stage with my prom date as my co-host. Second time was with our company's technical symposium. I had bloopers there, but it was worth the experience! :) Third time was December last year during a friend's wedding. And this is the 4th! Shall I shift career now? A wedding host. 
★ I realized that if you are really somewhat close friends with the bride, you would really feel teary-eyed. And this was a first. My heart is breaking (of joy) when she walked down the aisle. Mom (yes, mom was there too. She's part of the barkada. My friends love her! Proud daughter here.) was crying and told me she realized she was not ready for me to be wed yet. Sheesh.

★ These are my highschool friends! They're all so sexy while I am oh so chubby. Lol. That man by the way is one of the most intelligent/rich/humble/generous people I have known in my entire life. He's a civil engineer in Dubai (if I am not mistaken). He studied in Japan. And now, he's single because according to him, it's hard establishing a relationship if you can't be with that one person. So, girls, he's free in the next two years or so. :)
★ My face. What was I thinking?

★ This is my college barkada. Some of them are based in Manila. Some decided to work in our hometown. I missed these guys. We just laugh and goof around all the time. So, when the wedding was over, we were like dancing our hearts out on this veranda overlooking the sea. The party lights were on. And we were taking the centerstage one by one. And we were like hungry to seize the night together once again, but when we actually got into the nightlife scene, we opted to sing. Oh well, adults.
★ And while we're singing, others were already beginning to slouch. We were getting sleepy already. We are getting OLD. But, it was fun hanging out with them once again. Nothing's changed! When we see each other, it feels like college all over again

Got my Globe Prizes already #enjoyglobe

★ Last July, I joined Nuffnang's & Globe's contest and I won second prize. Take a look at my winning entry here: Glad to Be Globe: Apartment Life.
I won: (1) Tatoo stick, (2) Monthly load top up of Php300 for six months, (3) Php 500 Globe Card and (4) Php 3000 worth of gift certificates in Ayala Malls. 
★ Thank you Nuffnang! Thank you Globe! :)

Nokia Lumia 925 will be my new baby

★ Yes, I am going to have a new cellphone towards the month's end. If my Samsung Wave 525 isn't giving up on me, then I would have stomped off to Smart Wireless Center and apply for a plan.
★ Why Windows? Well, I don't want an iPhone. I don't know why. Because maybe I already have an iPad? I am willing to sacrifice Instagram pictures. I preferred Microsoft Office over the apps. I could live with that and I really need that. For work, grad school and writing career. :)
★ This is going to be a smart investment. Hello, unli data. I am not spamming my fb though. 
★ Lumia 925's low-light feature is the bomb too. I still have plans to buy a real camera someday.

Miscellaneous, but Top-secret
★ Work has been good to me, but I am still cramming on my next project which was supposed to be finish by now. (Local bosses are pushing, offshore bosses are cool.) Even received a smiley for working out late at night.
★ Somebody from work e-mailed me about an opportunity, but I am not sure... ---- ---- ---- Lol. Top secret for now. I am just now sure if -- because ---- and I want to pursue ----- and I don't want to skip my ------. Do you want to kill me now?
 Some people realize that I can really be a writer, copywriter to be specific and that means a lot to me. :) However, as I talk to some people in the "real" industry, they have some misconceptions about being a freelance. They don't see the BIG opportunity freelancers can have. I mean, as a freelancer, you are not limiting your monthly income. Your ceiling is AS FAR AS the HEAVENS if you're really good and you know how to market yourself. I have read blogs and I have heard from freelancers who have done it right and I want to be there too. Soon, my darling self. Soon. =)
★ One even said she feels funny that she makes more than people who have "real jobs". And I certainly believe in that. Freelancing is a serious business. It's yourself who is the whole business. And I think freelancers are amazing.
★ Oh before I forget, a couple of friends from work and I are planning to have a doggy business and I am so excited. I just hope we push for it to become a reality. We talked it over bottles of Red Horse and our favorite Pica-Pica platter, but I think that was still serious. Lol, will just keep you updated!

Life is fun, live and not just exist! :)

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