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Ahoy! ;) How you've been. I am supposed to work, but I decided to do another blog post instead. I can work later (again). I am just so excited to share a number of new blog renovations that I have made in here. These cost me last night's and this afternoon's supposed to be working time. But, I've always wanted to upgrade my personal blog and make each post blog-worthy. Anyhow, leggo.

Blog Header
I love circle-cropped pictures. Added my tagline in my header too. 

Main Navigation

You can find this on the top left portion of my blog. These are links to my pages. I'll add more items soon. Like on how to guest post on this blog. Or how to get me to do a guest post for a certain blog.

About Page

Revamped my About Page. It's sort of a guide on how to navigate through this blog too. Just head on to the page to know what I am talking about. :) 

Blog Topics

Love is a Mutt has been a mixed bag for so long though I have created other niche blogs. Now, I want to categorize my posts into the topics shown above. Teehee. :) You can go to the About Page to read a description on each topic. That is, if Diary and Thoughts seem interchangeable to you. I made this so that my readers can just choose the topics that they are interested in.
Other Blogs on Sidebar

But, I still have other active niche blogs. So, I've made cute little labels for them on my sidebar. Hehe. I do have personal finance topics here on my personal blog, but for a technical side of finance, I have created a blog for Financial Freedom entitled "The Boomlet Diaries". It also covers blogging and freelancing for I believe that those two activities have significant roles in my road to financial freedom. It's still under construction. Ang gulo ko pa rin noh? (Translation: I am still messy, eh?) Sorry, but this is the closest to being organize that I can get. Lol. I have tons of ideas in my head I just have to let them out. And I have to document them.


Finally, my footer is kind of filled up. The last two spaces used to be empty for some time. Second column needs to be worked on. There's always other days. ;)

These are all the updates that I can present to you, readers. I hope you find these useful in working your way through my blog. I promise not to waste your time in reading my posts. My only enemy is time and the morbid thought of having carpal tunnel syndromes. That's why I'm off to Frisbee practice in a while! Need to take care of my health. :) Hope you like the changes!

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