Baler Beach Trip: Day 1

Yahoo! Crossed out an item in my bucket list last weekend:

Surf in Baler.

Yes, I have actually surfed: two feet on surfboard while standing up and arms stretched out on the sides. Though the washouts were greater in number, the swell that you feel when you can actually surf up is all worth the butt fell offs and board slips. Through that 1-hour surf lesson, I was able to realize that surfing is a lot like life and there are lessons that you can learn. Anyhow, let me you snappies of our Day 1 in Baler.

How we got to be in this trip
Bought vouchers from CashCash Pinoy for P2950 instead of P6900 (rate each person)
Travel agency is Traveller's Deal and I highly recommend them.

We traveled at around 12.30 am from Manila to Baler. We were supposed to take the Bulacan route, but we opted to go via SCTEX and Tarlac (if I'm not mistaken) to avoid traffic jams. We have to sleep on the van for we have activities lined up the next day. We arrived in Baler at 5AM, when she's still bathed in dusk. We ate Goto at this tiny karinderya to fill up our empty stomachs.

Baler was hit by Tromba Marina last September 27, 1735 and almost all of Baler was swept out. The statues in the picture represents the 8 survivors who sought refuge in this very spot -- Mt. Castillo, now popularly called Ermita Hill. 

The place is perfect for family picnics, maybe some Frisbee throws and just chilling out, watching the view of the Pacific Ocean. 

From where we were, we can see surfers enjoying the waves at Rivermouth. This is where the sea kisses the river, making larger waves as usual. The trained do their surfing here while we, the novices try out some waves on a much calmer part of the ocean -- and a little closer to the shore. Rivermouth vs. where we surfed is comparing Trinidad vs. Jamaica -- just bout with each other. Haha! Kidding. Okay, where we surfed is like an iced beer as compared to Rivermouth, which is a, uhm, rum? 

We had lunch here at Bayler's View. It's a restaurant fronting the sea so as you chow down on your food, you can actually hear the waves. See video below for illustration. =X We were actually full from the food that we have. Don't worry, I'll do reviews of this resto on Gastronomicca.

So here's Bayler's View from up front. It is actually a hotel. Haven't gotten the chance to check out their rooms. Anyway, after the lunch we walked to and fro the shore to seep in the chill out atmosphere of the place. 

I saw foreigners carrying their surfboards. The locals doing what their usually do on afternoons. Saw students in uniform walking along the sea wall. I thought you are one lucky girl if you actually grew up in Baler. Yes, there are no malls and fancy restaurants, but you have the waves and the shot at becoming a Roxy girl. 

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