A Moving Forward Special Part II

Shame on me, I haven't blogged properly for weeks for now. Earlier, I had the chance to back read my posts. Yes, I love feeding on my ego, so I read on my fabulous posts for inspiration. Kidding. I asked myself, why waste the days not writing. I should write. I should share my thoughts. Just because I am down again, would I really allow that feeling to consume me?

On top of a hospital bed, waiting
Hell, no. So for the second time in four months, I am convinced to move forward again. My November and December last year were my life clearing months. But, then January came and he called and I heard his familiar voice and all walls shattered again and all hell broke loose. I'm compassionate and impulsive, so go figure.

Just a note, this is a kind of a personal post. One of the most personal entry, so hang on and skip this if you'd like to.

So, January to March were killing months again. I stand by him. I stand by him not. But I guess, it's no longer me. As they say, once people are dead, you can't make them undead. Couldn't expound on this idea, I am sorry. But, the decision is, again, final. I am moving forward. It's the second time again. I had pseudo, mini-move on decisions, but they're not that strong, so now, again, I am standing by this.

I need my fabulous, happy self again. My mom, the ever cool lady, would always support me in whatever decision I have and I am strong because of her. Sometimes, I envy her. She can make a guy go crazy over her. My dad. (Bless his soul.) She's good at it and I suck. She texted me:

Just try to move on ga. Give yourself credit. Life must be fair. I'm always praying for a good dad of my grandchildren.

Awww, how sweet is that? *Sniff*Sniff. I love her to tidbits. Lol. Confession! I want to have kids soon because I want my mom to be there to discipline them. I mean, she has a way with everything. Take for example my dogs. When I call Boom2, he'll stay where he is, act like he's a puppy when he's old enough (3yrs) and roll on his back and wait for me to come pick him up. But, when mom calls him, he'll immediately go to him. No wasting a second. See, I am a spoiler. Maybe that's the problem with me?

Anyhow, I am starting all over again and I get that liberating feeling all over again.

For a start, I finished this weird book called Observatory Mansions. Bought a new book, The Man Who Made Lists. Got a new job on oDesk. Watched Waiting for Forever, Adjustment Bureau, and other series. Discovered FutureMe.org, it's an application where you can send someone/yourself a letter that will be delivered in the future. Cool, eh? Me gotta go, coz I'm going to write me some advice. Gotta blog about it soon. <3

Oh, and the picture was taken earlier tonight in a local hospital. Asthma attacked my roomie. She's all good now. And I hate seeing nurses. =/  

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