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Wanderlust hits me like stardust. Probably because summer is just around the corner. Or I am just friggin' bored with my adventure life that I want to go book some tickets to Orlando, Florida. Why? Are you asking me why? Seriously? Check out my Top 5 Things reasons why I wanna hit Orlando.

Orlando Hotels

Travelling isn't just about the attractions you are going to visit. You want to have a splendid vacation, might as well pick out the best hotels. Am I right? I would want to stay in one of Lake Mary Hotels. Lake Mary is Florida's #1 Best Places to Live, and national's fourth. How cool would that be?

Disney World

I have known Mickey and Minnie Mouse all my life, so I'd totally grab the chance to see them in person. (Even though, I know that they're fictional. I'm letting the kid in me go wild.) Aside from shaking their gloved hands, I would also want to pay Downtown Disney Area a visit and go to spas, restaurants and shops. Maybe I could also try Disney's golf courses. The rides on the theme park, I may take on a few, but not those super fast roller coasters. I am not a fan.

Universal Studios

The Harry Potter craze might be over, but I still want to relive the magical memories left by J.K. Rowling by pretending to be Hermione in Universal Studios' Harry Potter Theme Park. I can also enjoy Universal's Islands of Adventure afterwards.


I surely wouldn't miss an Orlando's LEGOLAND Package. Legoland is a new, interactive theme park located in Central Florida. Sure, themed parks generally cater to kids, but wouldn't you love seeing your kids ride a dragon, drive a car and going around those scaled-down towns.

Orlando Dinner Shows

You all know how much I enjoy eating out. So imagine my thrill when I've discovered all about Orlando Dinner Shows. It would be a double treat -- enjoying a new dish while watching a themed show. The shows range from comedy mysteries to magic to Disney themes.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit OrlandoEscape.com and schedule your summer trip to Orlando, Florida now!

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