Because elephants can't jump.

How you all doing? I have been out for a couple of days. I was kind of slacking. A lot of things buzzed through my mind, yet again. Uninspired. Yes, that's exactly the word that can describe what I am feeling. And I have to fight it off. Or shrug it off. Pft.

Anyhow, I'm going to let you take a quick peek of my week. :)

Kiddie Party -- here we come. We traveled two to three hours just to get free Spaghetti and Chickenjoy Meal. Haha. Nope, we were there for the kid. Seriously. :) Bought her cutesy erasers for a gift. She wouldn't be able to consume the entire sushi eraser set during her kindergarten years. I bet. And that pretty li'l kid in pink is so adorable. Her mommy, a co-worker, told me the next day that she wanted to give me a bracelet. She got mad when her mom wasn't able to hand it to me. Awww. We met once only. And she likes me already! Awww. :)

On the way home, we spent almost an hour in Tiendesitas, sort of like a small village which showcases the fine things that Philippines can offer. Inside, you can find a pet parlor, lots of pet shops, small boutiques, food stalls, fish stores, furniture shops, etc. Visit Tiendesitas Facebook Page if you want to find out more about it.

Look at those cutesy patootsy doggiessss. The bulldog is so adorable, with its tongue hanging out. He must've been dreaming about bones falling from the sky. Awww. I could hug him tight. And those.. uh, Pug. Moving on. The Pomeranians! I love this breed. I would buy one someday. The cream one. Soon. So excited!

And look at this Great Dane! I took a quick photo and rolled the car windows up. In case, he wanted to jump into our car. Haha. He must be larger than me. There's two of them actually. The other one's inside and wasn't captured by my lovely Adalie.

Sky shots. Tried Adalie's (my GE x5) shutter speed. I was in a moving car, so the shots are quite good. Not too blurry. Eh? This is my favorite time of the day. It's the time when I feel most powerful. (May super powers, teh?)

Cute, cute eh? No, this is not from Tumblr; this is my wall! Ignore the cracks. Haha. Bought these colorful decals for only Php30. Yiii! Told you I was feeling kind of down. So, I bought colorful elephants to keep me company in my room. Yes, I am that pathetic. Haha. 

Anyways, I have tons of pictures to upload here, but doing those photo mosaics are tedious and tedious not my game. Maybe I'll upload them in my photoblog soon. 

And my watermarks are varied. Downloaded tons of fonts from and fell in love with many. I should decide. Wanna help? I love the one in the third pic (Great Dane looking out the window). Soooo, wachuthink? 

Me is sleeping in a few. Night.

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