Raindrops at Dusk

I've been home all day. It's been a silent day for me. I'm home. Alone, on a cuddle weather [term adopted from a friend's tweet. I won't take the glory.]. And that made me melancholic.

outside the apartment, dusk

Haha. Okay, I'm putting up my drama. I love doing that these days. 

But, seriously, I do love this cuddle weather. Makes me think of cuddling (duh). Marshmallows swimming on  hot chocolate. Pull overs and hoodies. Books on beds. 

Aside from this cuddle weather, a few more other things added elation to my evening:
  • Words from my online employer. He likes me! I mean, as a worker. :) And he still wants to keep me even though the project is closed. Aww. That made my heart go flutter. I want to print his words and put it in a frame. I need to find more oDesk jobs.
  • Words from our Lord. =) Got this from the fb app.
Isn't He the sweetest? <3

  • Words spoken through the keyboards. I miss playing the piano. I already have my keyboards shipped with me form my hometown, but it's still not here in my apartment. I should go get it, you think? Do you wanna hear me play? Mygawd, I don't know why am I even offering to let you hear me play. The internet, these days, have a funny way of encouraging people to embarrass themselves. Haha. So, yes, you are going to hear me play tonight. I can't believe I am doing this. After hearing the first few seconds, tell me if I should pursue this thingamajig or not. Lol. 
Warning: Sucky music timing, wrong notes, extra sounds from flipping the plastic page of my clear book containing the piano sheets, ewwwwy voice, pirated style (first chorus. harhar.) 

Post Script. Idol ko kasi si Anne Curtis eh. =)

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