Yellows and Greens

Sorry. I've disappeared.

Because I was busy, staying in the office even after work hours just because I don't want to go home. I don't know. I got this bad case of boredom these days. Boredom makes me sad and I don't want to be sad so I stay with people who can make me happy. At work. And I am going to miss them because I have a new schedule.

Anyway, pictures from week for you to peek [on].

Can you guess where this is? Yep, it's the lovely Taal Volcano. I enjoy the scenery whenever I go visit Tagaytay for a lunch out. Hooray for workmates with cars. :/


We had lunch at Yellow Cab. Love the pizza. The chicken wings and the creamy dip! Charlie Chan and nachos! I love nachos. I could never get enough of them. This was a goodbye/birthday/despidida lunch. Ate S will be moving out. That's a sad thing.


Hit Starbuck's sack after lunch and T and I bought some earrings! This earring style has existed ages ago, but I just bought one. They overheard T's and I coffee conversation. Boleros vs. Boys-Next-Door. With boleros, you have fun, you're treated like a princess, you get kilig. Downside? You're not the only one.  With a Boy-Next-Door, everything is the same old, safe, convenient. You know you're the only one, but they're not showy. Just a coffee conversation, okay?

Here's a close up of the earrings. When we got back to the office, I noticed that Ate S's top colors resemble that of my earring's, so I showed it to her and gave it to her. As a good luck gift. May she be happy in her new company. 

There's something about this picture of yellows and greens. It makes me think of the countryside, warm hot cocoas, floating marshmallows, lazy afternoons and cuddling. I want to have a backyard just like this one. So, I better work, work and work. 

And, a thought to ponder on:
How was your week?

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